If you’re ready to Heal You Thyroid, Balance Your Hormones, and experience the Best Gut Health you’ve ever had…then you’re in the right spot lovely.

So much of the journey back to health is not just logic and information, but having someone “in your corner” who truly cares about seeing you get well.

Helping you take on this journey with an attitude of self-love, kindness and patience is my heart’s desire for you ❤️

Together, we’ll transform your health, mindset, and ultimately your life, using:

  • Real food that’s specific to YOUR unique needs
  • Personalised, smart supplementation
  • Quality sleep strategies
  • Stress minimization techniques
  • Appropriate movement, and
  • Spiritual wellbeing practices
Natalie K. Douglas - Creator of Thyroid Rescue, Australia's most comprehensive natural thyroid healing program

Problems I Can Help With

Since 2013 I’ve been helping people get to the root cause of their health issues.

I’m the right gal to see if you’ve tried the conventional approach and nothing has worked!

Thyroid/Adrenal Health

This includes any form of under or overactive Thyroid, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease and “adrenal fatigue/burn out”.

Please Note – due to overwhelming client demand for 1-1 support, all Hashimoto’s patients and those with a suspected/diagnosed underactive Thyroid will be directed to my online program, “Thyroid Rescue”.

It contains ALL my best tools and resources needed to heal your Thyroid, and is delivered online in a proven, step-by-step process.

1-1 Thyroid consultations are reserved for members of  Thyroid Rescue Plus.

You can view all the program details here.

Gut Health

This includes any and all digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, gas, IBS, IBD, SIBO, parasites, dysbiosis, food intolerances and celiac disease. I also love working with you keen beans who just want to learn how to completely optimise your gut health.

Hormonal Balance

This includes any and all hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, PMS, preconception care, postpartum recovery and missing or irregular cycles.

thyroid healing approach

The Process Of Working Together

  • Comprehensive Review. In our initial session we’ll spend most of our time investigating your diet, lifestyle, health history & any previous test results
  • Treatment Plan. You’ll receive individualized food, lifestyle & supplement guidelines to get you to your specific goals ASAP (sent post-consult)
  • Testing Recommendations. If it’s necessary for making the right diagnosis to help treat your specific condition/s, I’ll order further medical testing (but if there’s extra cost I’ll let you know first!)
  • Practitioner-Only Supplements. To accelerate your progress, I can recommend and order high-grade supplements on your behalf
  • Complete Notes. All key points discussed during our consult will be emailed to you. No frantic note-taking is necessary- I have you covered!
  • Email Support. I know that “the devil is in the detail” and you will definitely have questions come up between sessions! That’s why I provide priority support via email to all my clients
  • Outcome Guarantee. By the end of our first consult, if you don’t feel that working together will SIGNIFICANTLY improve your health then I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. So far, nobody has 🙂

Consultation Package Options


  • 1 x 90-minute Initial consultation
  • 2 x 60-minute Follow-Up consultations

Best For:
Those with 1-2 key symptoms they’re struggling with.

The Fine Print:
Sessions must be used within a 6-month period and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

If choosing the part payment plan option, your first payment of $215 is due at the time of booking, and the 2 subsequent payments must be made after each follow-up appointment. These follow-up sessions usually occur 4-8 weeks apart.

By purchasing a part-payment plan you’re committing to attend 3 sessions and agree to make all payments within a 4-month period following your Initial consultation.

Your Investment:

  • Upfront – $575
  • Part-Payment – 3x $215

** Unfortunately Medicare and health fund rebates are not available at this time


  • 1 x 90-minute Initial consultation
  • 5 x 60-minute Follow-Up consultations

Best For:
Those with 3 or more symptoms they’re struggling with, or chronic long-term health issues.

The Fine Print:
Sessions must be used within an 8-month period and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

If choosing the part-payment plan option, your first payment of $185 is due at the time of booking, and the 5 subsequent payments must be made after each follow-up. These follow-up sessions usually occur 4-8 weeks apart.

By purchasing a part-payment plan you’re committing to attend 6 sessions and agree to make all payments within a 9-month period following your Initial consultation.


  • Upfront. $995
  • Part-Payment. 6x $185

** Unfortunately Medicare and health fund rebates are not available at this time

All of my current clients, or those I have consulted with within the last 6 months will receive free personalised supplement recommendations + access to discounted supplements specifically around supporting your immune system and overall health during this time. Please just contact me via email (if you haven’t already) to get some support.
Those of you who are NOT my current clients but are wanting to access personalised recommendations specific to supporting your immune system during this time, I have created a temporary service at a massively discounted rate to help support you which you can book in below using the “book now” button.
These are 30-minute zoom (video) calls to assess what specific foods/practitioner grade and discounted supplements are going to be most appropriate for you to use during this time. I will help you understand what is going to give you the most “bang for your buck”, you will be able to order the supplements online and have them delivered to your door, and I will also provide some basic immune supporting food suggestions based on your circumstances.
The reason personalised supplementation is actually important is because not every single person requires the exact same immune support. You might already have an arsenal of supplements in your cupboard and be confused about what to take/not take, or maybe you’re on a tight budget and wondering if you are going to purchase something, that is going to to be the best option for YOU. If you’re taking any medications or other supplements, it’s also important we ensure safety and that there are no interactions, and that a correct therapeutic dose is prescribed for YOU.

Please note, these are NOT comprehensive consultations and we will not be going through ALL of your current health conditions/symptoms, and treatment strategies. If you are wanting this kind of support, please book one of the packages above. 

Why Packages?

The reality is you didn’t get to feeling this way in a week, a month, or maybe even a year.

So much of society creates the illusion that we can expect instant solutions, overnight transformations, and that you can feel amazing again…well, yesterday, right?

That may be true of many things but women’s health is different.

Undoing that “quick fix” mentality and peeling away all the unhelpful coping strategies is at the heart of my approach.

Anyone who tells you that ONE session is all you need to heal your gut, balance your hormones and optimise your health…is full of shit 💩That’s how you wind up feeling like your body is “the exception” or “broken”. 

I refuse to contribute to that kind of misinformation. It’s not true; not even for a second lovely.

NO true health practitioner can create lasting change without time, patience, skillful management, careful listening, and supportive encouragement.

Progressive results WILL happen after every single session, and in my professional opinion and years of experience, most people require on average 3-9 sessions to reclaim their health.

That’s why I ask you to commit to the process of healing and working together to create long-lasting change.

It’s not an event. It’s a journey.

I’m wholeheartedly committed to every single person that I have the privilege of taking on this journey.

You don’t need to wait for another Monday to roll around, that vacation to pass, or for all traces of sugar left in the house to be gone…or eaten 😉

We start now.

We start where you’re at.

We start in the reality of what life really looks like (Umm, totally messy right!?!?).

We find real solutions and get real results, together. 

You’ll feel empowered, healthy and build a confidence that no diet fad can shake (pun intended).

You’ll know exactly what you need to do to maintain your amazing results, for life.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Still Not Sure Lovely?

I get it.

Please feel free to contact me by sending an email to [email protected] or book a free 20-minute discovery call.

I would love to speak with you personally.

Nat x

PS. I know many of you are desperate for answers and want to know 100% that I can help YOU.

As much as I would love to be able to, I kindly request that you don’t send me your complete medical history. I simply won’t be able to review it unless you are a current client.

If your symptoms fit any of the descriptions above then know that I have treated 100s of women and you’re in good hands. If I feel that I cannot assist you then I’ll gladly refund your money and refer you to the right specialist!

This Is What My Clients Say

puppies are fun! wacky thyroids aren't 😭

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