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* A Simple, 6-Step Process To Reduce Fatigue, Weight & Thyroid Symptoms

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Since 2013 Natalie has helped 1000s of women get to the root cause of their health issues.

With a professional focus on the treatment of Thyroid conditions, Natalie is the right gal to see if you’ve tried the conventional approach and nothing has worked.

Known as the “little lady with a BIG ❤️ for women’s health”, she supports all her clients with expert guidance, emotional support and a treatment strategy that’s 100% individualized to get results.

This FREE training covers the exact treatment framework that Natalie uses to predictably and quickly treat root causes and get her clients feeling great again!

Natalie K. Douglas - Thyroid Healer - Client Case Study - Erica


Started with Nat when she was constipated, bloated, fatigued and had chronic "brain fog". Now has increased energy, food freedoms, great gut health, better sleep and balanced exercise routine.


Started with Nat when she was putting on weight, bloated, lacking energy, "frumpy" and sluggish. Now has renewed enjoyment of exercise, freedom to travel and healthy management of Hashi's.

Natalie K. Douglas - Thyroid Healer - Client Case Study - Fiona


Started with Nat when she was starving herself (<300 calories/day), unable to lose weight and on a health "rollercoaster". Now eating more than ever, strong and lean, sleeping soundly and enjoying social meals out again.