Meet Natalie K. Douglas

The little lady with a BIG heart for women's health!

Our Beginnings

My passion, like many in this industry, was born out of my own health struggles.

I have a long history of health issues, from an 8 year long battle with an eating disorder, to parasite infections, infertility issues, abnormal weight fluctuations, thyroid issues, “adrenal fatigue” (medically known as HPA-axis dysregulation), “IBS”, food intolerances, hypothalamic amenorrhea and depression.

I don’t tell you this to win sympathy votes because, let’s face it, we all go through our own battles in life. I tell you this because I am grateful for my struggles. 

Not only have these experiences helped me become a more informed and knowledgeable practitioner, but they’ve made me genuinely aware of the emotional toll that any and all of these conditions can have on us as women.

Our Journey So Far

As I studied at university to become a dietitian, it didn’t take long for me to see (and question our lecturers about why) our health system is so broken. Class after class and textbook after textbook was filled with conflicting information. The agenda of private industry was evident in so much of what we were taught and many practices were simply based on, “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

Internally, I called ‘bullshit’ and resolved to be different.

So when I opened my first clinic, “Health By Whole Foods”, I always knew that I would practice based on truly helping my clients.

Because nothing matters more than seeing life changing transformations in their health, and the ripple effect to their family and friends.

Described by my friends, family and colleagues as fun, friendly, warm, open and cheeky, I’ve grown to become a deeply passionate and driven health practitioner, and I have a burning desire to help women become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

Health By Whole Foods Logo

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you to achieve and maintain the highest levels of thyroid health, FOR LIFE!

We use the power of real food, smart supplementation, quality sleep, stress management, appropriate movement and spiritual wellbeing to transform your life from the inside out and back in again!

Helping you take on that journey with an attitude of self-love, kindness and patience is at the heart of our Thyroid Tribe.

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Our Why

1. Your Success

We believe that the only true measure of success is client success. Everything we do is working toward the best outcome for your health.

2. Knowledge

We believe that knowledge is power and the biggest gap between you and optimal health is access to the right information and mindset to create new habits.

3. A New Way

We believe that the conventional system of healthcare for women is fundamentally flawed, causes more illness than wellness, and that we’re here to fix it.

4. The Best

We believe we can build the best support program on the planet for helping women recover and maintain their Thyroid health for life.

5. Momentum

We believe that momentum is better than perfection, and helping you take action consistently is the best way we can serve you.

6. Strong Together

We believe that women can achieve anything in community. By transforming one life at a time we can leave a legacy that impacts millions.