Practitioner Mentoring

A synergy of professional development and heart-centered business growth.

Here's the thing...

Natural Health Practitioners I talk to all of the time often grapple with the choice between investing in professional development to enrich their knowledge and acquiring business mentoring to gain insights and inspiration to leverage that knowledge to build a sustainable practice.

Picture this...

A single destination where you don’t have to choose. A place to come where you can curate your own blended mix of the two in a personalized one-on-one Strategy Session that meets you where you’re at and provides you with the support, strategy, and mindset to get unstuck. 

In this setting, the interplay between patient case-based learning & support, treatment plan formulations, and pathology interpretation seamlessly combines with an empowering discussion on business growth, mastering your mindset, and learning to embrace unapologetic success.

Natalie K. Douglas has created a Practitioner Accelerator Mini Guide to assist those starting out in business or wanting to work for themselves.

getting started in business or wanting to work for yourself?

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Introducing - Practitoner Mentoring Strategy Sessions

Unlock a personalised solution that caters to your need for support on challenging cases, fulfills the desire to deepen knowledge in a specific health area, and provides a platform for discussing business strategy, and sustainability and unblocking the mindset for success as a thriving health practitioner.

Elevate Your Practice

My heart is to provide mentorship that uncovers your unique potential, unlocks clarity over comparison and guides you through inspired action for client results & business success.

Natalie K. Douglas is a thyroid, gut & hormone healer for women. She offers naturopathic support and holistic nutrition consultations through her clinic.

What's Included With Practitioner Mentoring

In these sessions, you get to choose what we cover in our time together, including any of the below:

  • Receive mentoring on 1 complex case or 2 simple cases (this may include areas such as pathology review, case discussion, and/or treatment plan brainstorming). Please note these cases need to fit within the realm of my special interest areas (listed below)
  • Mentoring on a specific hormone, thyroid or fertility-related topic that you want to deepen or refine your skills in 
  • Succeeding in the online space
  • Business management and logistics including systems review (please note this is not a “done-for-you” service, this is help with mapping out your needs)
  • Breaking through mindset blocks, “imposter syndrome” and limiting beliefs around succeeding and thriving as a healthy, well-compensated health practitioner
  • Starting and running a podcast 
  • Creating online programs and digital products
  • Additional streams of income as a health practitioner to aid in scaling your business 
  • Review of your current business/consulting structure and pricing

Clinical Areas for Case-Based Mentoring

  • Thyroid conditions (excludes thyroid cancers)
  • Hormonal conditions 
  • Fertility 
  • SIBO and IBS

NOTE: If the area you want support with isn’t specifically listed above, please reach out and I can let you know if it’s something I cover, or provide you with support in connecting you with a practitioner in our network that does.

why this?

In this industry, learning is a never-ending journey. In fact, if you feel like “the more you know, the less you know” then you’re doing it right, I say. To forge ahead, you must invest in refining your skills as a practitioner AND in honing your ability to communicate your services so you’re able to actually serve the clients you deeply desire to help – which I know is what so many of us get into this work to do. 

The key is to give yourself permission (and solid support) to unapologetically create a business that not only lets you pursue your passion but also ensures your sustained well-being, both physically, mentally and financially.

Here's the thing...

The people who you perceive to know “so much more than you”. Who have the kind of business success you dream of, and the confidence you are desperate to embody, are not just unicorns. They’re humans (just like you!) who have cultivated success by investing in supportive mentors, embracing grit, and recognising leaning into both the art of healing and the skills of entrepreneurship.

Next Steps

Book A Session

Scroll down this page and select either a 30 or 60min consultation session. You’ll then be able to find a time in my calendar. If none of the available days/times work for you please reach out via [email protected] and we’ll try to find something that works!

Preparing For Our Session

After booking your session you will be required to fill out a form about your case or topic you’d like to discuss + supply me with copies of any blood tests/other test results ahead of time for review.

Cancellation Policy (please read carefully)

24 hours notice is required for all cancellations and rescheduling requests (no exceptions).

If you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must email this to [email protected] as soon as possible and our admin staff will arrange an alternative time slot with you.

Cancellations and rescheduling cannot be accepted via Voxer, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, or any other contact medium, and will still incur late fees/consultation forfeits.

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