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Hashimoto's - Diagnosis & Holistic Treatment

Thyroid Q&A (Part 1)

Thyroid Q&A (Part 2)

Guest Appearance on "Mouthing Off" with Dr Lewis Ehrlich


E62: The orgasm podcast with expert Nina Powell

Guest Interview: Nina Powell Nina is a guide for high performing women to access their full sexual potential, for fulfillment and deep connection in relationships, and using the erotic for power, magnetism and creativity and business. Her work is rooted in her long term tantric meditation practice, and she is

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E61: Q&A Hormones, Thyroid, and Gut Testing/Treatment

Q&A Episode: Tips for dealing with peri menopause and night sweats Ideas for eating more organ meats in pregnancy and pate safety in pregnancy Healing HA and exercise appropriateness What you can do if your doctor refuses to test your thyroid properly The impact of thyroid issues in pregnancy/fertility What

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Chat With Nat: Thyroid & Weight Loss

Topics include: – Nat’s (not so) secret childhood fantasy – Losing weight with an Underactive Thyroid – Low carb and weight loss in hypothyroidism – Reversing metabolic damage – Visualisations and mindset to heal – The greatest food combo ever Check out this episode!

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Ketogenic Diets for Women: Friend or Foe?

Topics Include: What is a ketogenic diet? The benefits of a ketogenic diet and who it is most suited to Why keto diets don’t work for a lot of females of menstruating age Keto & your menstrual cycle  Is a keto diet bad for your thyroid? The signs that keto

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Podcast Episode 45: Post-Pregnancy Nutrition

Topics Include: – Main nutritional goals post pregnancy – Do women still need to be eating “extra”, if so, how much? – Important nutrients and specific foods for post pregnancy – Food prep strategies for new mums – Meal frequency post pregnancy – Thoughts on low carb post pregnancy –

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