Perimenopause Masterclass + Holistic Toolkit

Are you in need of a Hormone Rescue? Natalie K. Douglas works with women suffering from PCOS, Endometriosis, Perimenopause issues, preconception and conception care, fertility struggles, and painful or irregular periods.

The number of women who I speak to in their late 30s, 40s, and early 50s who are questioning whether they need a therapist, a divorce, a career change, or if it's “just their hormones” is astronomical.

Can you relate...

😥 The intrusive thoughts and sensations of anxiety, anger, helplessness, or overwhelm that don’t feel like “you”

❓The deep questioning of your own life choices – what’s been and what is to come

🤷‍♀️ The uncertainty around your mental health – are you actually going crazy?

🧠 The rattled confidence of words you can’t recall or things you can’t remember that you used to with ease  

😴 The unsettled sleep and sluggish days that can follow

😔 The physical changes to how weight sits and shifts on your body

🫣 The challenges of your skin changing

🙉 Feeling unheard or dismissed when you seek professional support with your symptoms

Are you in need of a Hormone Rescue? Natalie K. Douglas works with women suffering from PCOS, Endometriosis, Perimenopause issues, preconception and conception care, fertility struggles, and painful or irregular periods.

We see you, we hear you AND you don't have to suffer through this season

It’s not just you. And while many of these things are a common experience in the Perimenopausal transition. It’s not inevitable that you suffer through all of them and have your sense of self and quality of life derailed.

Here’s what I know to be true…

If you want to take back some control.

If you want to feel like you’re still in the driver’s seat of your mental and physical wellbeing.

You have to understand what’s happening in your body, and further than that, you need to be aware of the tools you have at your disposal to positively influence your reality. And there’s lots!

Discover “The Holistic Perimenopause Masterclass & Toolkit", an empowering, clear and practical masterclass + DIY Toolkit that blends naturopathic and nutritional medicine principles to offer evidence-based support for women who want to thrive through their 40s, 50s and beyond

Natalie K. Douglas hosts a holistic Perimenopause Masterclass for women.

In this Masterclass + DIY Toolkit I share the same foundations we teach our clients when they’re navigating the hormonal transition that your 40s and 50s bring, with clarity, confidence and a sense of control.

🌿 The Masterclass Covers:

👉How do you know if you’re IN Perimenopause 

👉What signs to look out for in your body that your hormones are changing 

👉Which blood tests can you get done (and how)

👉What’s normal versus a red flag 

👉How to negate many of the common experiences like mood changes, poor concentration/memory, and sleep disturbances

👉How to prevent weight gain and what to do when your usual strategies aren’t working

👉How to manage changes to your cycles and periods themselves (heavy periods, irregular periods etc)

👉The dietary and lifestyle foundations that can make or break you during this season

👉My supplement toolkit for Perimenopause

🥗 The DIY Perimenopause Toolkit Includes:

🌱 The stages of Perimenopause explained so you can identify where you’re up to

🌱 Key blood tests to do during this time to help identify hormone and nutritional imbalances 

🌱 My optimal “levels” for hormones and vitamins so you know how to interpret your blood test results with thriving health in mind

🌱 How to access private testing if you’re struggling to get support for this through conventional medicine avenues 

🌱 The nutritional foundations I recommend 

🌱 Exercise and movement tips for this season. What to prioritise and why

🌱 Managing your sleep and practical tips for improving this

🌱 The importance of light, leptin and preventing weight gain 

🌱 My supplement toolkit for common problems such as poor sleep, low energy, weight gain, stress, period or cycle changes, mood changes, or poor memory/concentration 

🌱 Links to several of the products I use and love for myself and clients to support all of the above, and more!

Your Investment

Perimenopause Masterclass & Holistic Toolkit

Self-Guided • 100% Online • Start Instantly
$ 89 AUD
  • Access to the Perimenopause Masterclass Replay (90 minutes)
  • Perimenpause Holistic Toolkit & Guide (20 + pages of practical tips, tricks and tools to support you through this season)

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