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The phrase “test, don’t guess” is especially relevant in the realm of hormones. Yet, pinpointing WHICH hormones to test and WHEN can be tricky. I see MANY people make errors in this aspect, resulting in inaccurate testing, misinterpreted results, and consequently, ineffective treatment. Not a good combo, right?

The good news is there’s something you can do about it starting right now.

Take charge of your health by understanding how to advocate for improved hormone testing, enabling you to uncover precise insights into your hormonal balance.

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Nat x

Natalie K. Douglas has created a free Hormone Testing Guide with optimal reference range.

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Meet Nat

Founder/Director & Holistic Practitioner

Hi there, I’m Nat Douglas — Holistic Dietitian, Nutritionist, lover of plant medicine and Emotional Body Release Practitioner.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve helped educate and empower thousands of women on how to rebalance their hormones, heal their gut, and improve their thyroid health.

In the real life working on these things can translate into better energy, easier periods, improved fertility, clear skin, more motivation, balanced moods, healthy/stable weight, perfect poos, comfortable tummies, and ultimately a better understanding of how to eat, move, and live in a way that allows all of those wins to stick around for the long haul.

In our Western world and modern medical system there is no shortage of people telling you what you should do, slapping labels on you, encouraging you to fit perfectly into a box, dishonouring your own intuition or making you feel like you need someone outside of you to know how to thrive.

Well – that’s pretty disempowering if you ask me and we don’t need any more of that.

I’m in the biz of teaching you how to understand yourself, trust your body and learn how to work with it to thrive.

It’s my belief that the signs, messages and nudges from our body are always guiding us towards what is best for OUR body at any given moment. Sometimes we just need a little help understanding their meaning and the tools needed to recalibrate.

It would be my pleasure to support you on your journey to happy, healthy hormones.