#74 My Thyroid Results Are Normal But I Feel Like Crap… Now What?

So you’ve had your thyroid tested and everything looks “normal” but you feel like crap? Maybe you were SURE you had a thyroid issue and are now you’re questioning yourself – is it in your head? Hint: it’s not in your head. In today’s episode, we chat through the reasons why you might still be […]

#68 4 Diet Mistakes That Are Messing With Your Thyroid Health (and Energy)

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re doing all the right things but not getting anywhere. I see this A LOT when people come to me with suspected or diagnosed thyroid issues. They feel like they’re eating SO well, doing some fasting, and drinking some greens, yet they have NADA to show for it. […]

#66 Cold Sore Natural Remedies

Nothing like a cold sore to ruin a day, right? Well, we get asked a lot about Naturopathic acute care for all sorts of things and one of those is cold sores! So if this is something you struggle with, we’ve put together this episode for you! Tune in to learn the secrets to getting […]

#64 How to Stay Healthy While on the Pill or Hormonal IUD

We’ve done plenty of episodes about why we believe hormonal birth control from an optimal health perspective isn’t the best choice, and why coming off the pill or IUD can be a (health) game changer. However, sometimes in your unique situation, hormonal birth control IS your version of the best choice when weighing up the […]

#65 Graves’ Disease & Hyperthyroidism

Too many thyroid hormones can be JUST as unpleasant and problematic as too little thyroid hormones. From symptoms, testing and diagnosis, to triggers, root causes and conventional versus natural medicine management of Graves’ disease – we have you covered in this episode. LINKS MENTIONED: Join The Holistic Health Collective Membership SEND US A QUESTION: https://www.speakpipe.com/theholistichealthpodcast […]