#85 5 Signs They’re the Right Practitioner For You

We believe natural medicine, holistic care and true whole-body healing through the lens of Naturopathic and Holistic/Functional Medicine is an art + science. There’s often far more than “knowledge” to finding the “right” practitioner for you, beyond their qualifications. We’ve both been practitioners for decades collectively and have gone through our fair share of practitioners […]

#84 DIY Balancing Your Hormones – 3 Most Common Mistakes

Who doesn’t want balanced hormones 24/7? Sign me up! We appreciate the effort and intention when it comes to DIYing “fixing your hormones”, however, we often experience in-clinic with clients the many times this goes wrong. It’s VERY easy to waste your time, money, effort, and energy on well-intentioned strategies and products. So we want […]

#77 Ask Us Anything – Values, Health Priorities, Fave Products & More

It’s time to grab a cuppa or your walking shoes and join us for a life update and chit-chat about a mixed bag of topics including: – Our current favourite personal health products– Our food vices (yep, we’re human too!)– Our top 3 health priorities right now Plus, a chat around values, and a taste of […]

#62 Period Care – The Best and Worst Options

There’s an abundance of options out there when it comes to managing our periods each month as menstruating females. Pads, tampons, cups, caps, free bleeding, period undies… Spoilt by choice or overwhelmed with options? We think the former, though we also acknowledge that many of you feel the latter. So in today’s episode, we’re breaking […]

#53 How To Avoid “Burnout”

In this episode, Nat shares with you all about some of her personal strategies and tips to avoid “burnout”.   LINKS MENTIONED: Join The Holistic Health Collective Membership   FIND NAT BELOW: Website – https://nataliekdouglas.com/Thyroid Rescue – https://nataliekdouglas.com/thyroid-rescue/Gut Rescue – https://nataliekdouglas.com/gut-rescue/Hormone Rescue – https://nataliekdouglas.com/hormone-rescue/Fertility Support Package – https://nataliekdouglas.com/fertility-and-preconception-care-package/A Guide To Coming Off The Pill – https://nataliekdouglas.com/coming-off-the-pill-mini-course/How To Test Your Thyroid Properly […]