#2 High Estrogen Causes + Solutions

Topics include: Symptoms of excess estrogen and how/when to test it How does estrogen become high in our body Dietary strategies to support balancing estrogen levels Lifestyle and environmental strategies to reduce excess estrogen Supplements that can help lower excess estrogen and restore balance to your hormones + system.   Find Nat Below: Website – https://nataliekdouglas.com/ […]

#1 Speed Date With Nat + Amie

A speed dating style podcast chat to warm you all up to your new duo that in future will be delivering you much more health centred episodes. We couldn’t help but first share a bit of our quirky selves with you all. Enjoy!   Find Nat Below: Website – https://nataliekdouglas.com/ Thyroid Rescue – https://nataliekdouglas.com/thyroid-rescue/ Gut […]