#70 Reverse Dieting, Healing Your Metabolism and Sustainable Weight Loss

Join us for a conversation about reverse dieting, especially if: – You’ve been on and off diets throughout your life– You’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss/body composition goals– You’re a chronic undereater– You’ve tried to lose weight but it feels like even when you eat a small amount of food and exercise, things […]

#68 4 Diet Mistakes That Are Messing With Your Thyroid Health (and Energy)

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re doing all the right things but not getting anywhere. I see this A LOT when people come to me with suspected or diagnosed thyroid issues. They feel like they’re eating SO well, doing some fasting, and drinking some greens, yet they have NADA to show for it. […]

#67 Navigating Eating Out

Whether you’re addressing a health issue or you’re a wellness enthusiast who just wants to feel your best… and you know that food plays a big role in this – we’ve got you covered! We are foodies and have been through a rock-bottom health crisis (or two) where we used food as medicine to help […]

#63 The Dark Side of Botox

As natural healthcare practitioners, we often get asked what our thoughts are on botox, fillers etc. While both Amie and I think you can and should do whatever you want with your body, we also know that when it comes to these common beauty therapies, what they do or can do to your health isn’t […]

#59 Nutrition & Diet For Endometriosis

Endo is a topic close to our hearts and in today’s episode, we share with you the biggest diet tips and tricks that make an impact with our clients, as well as some of the emerging scientific literature. Endo is complex, so treating it holistically and becoming educated and empowered with what you CAN do […]

#56 How to Understand Food And Nutrient Labels

Join us to learn about how to understand the ins and outs of a nutrition panel AND an ingredients label. We walk you through the tricks, tips, tools and strategies you can use when shopping for food products and deciding what is and isn’t making it into your shopping cart.   FIND NAT BELOW:   […]