#88 Is EMF Exposure Behind Your Anxiety?!

In this day and age, there are certainly plenty of reasons to feel anxious, but if you’re not reducing your EMF exposure, you could be missing a really big factor behind the way you’re feeling. In this episode, we talk about some of the health effects of EMF exposure and, in particular, its affect on […]

#87 The Types of Gut Tests We Use and Why

So you’ve got gut issues and you want answers ASAP. Well, unfortunately, “gut testing” is not a one-stop shop. There are a whole host of “gut tests” that can be done, and which one is right for you depends on your symptoms and clinical health history. So in today’s episode, buckle in for a tour […]

#86 The HCG Diet – How it Works for Rapid and Dramatic Fat Loss

If you’re struggling to lose weight with conventional methods, you’re not alone. There are many reasons why that might be the case, but for Amie, it was a result of leptin resistance. In this episode, Amie chats all about what the HCG diet is, how it works, who it’s for and her top tips to […]

#85 5 Signs They’re the Right Practitioner For You

We believe natural medicine, holistic care and true whole-body healing through the lens of Naturopathic and Holistic/Functional Medicine is an art + science. There’s often far more than “knowledge” to finding the “right” practitioner for you, beyond their qualifications. We’ve both been practitioners for decades collectively and have gone through our fair share of practitioners […]

#84 DIY Balancing Your Hormones – 3 Most Common Mistakes

Who doesn’t want balanced hormones 24/7? Sign me up! We appreciate the effort and intention when it comes to DIYing “fixing your hormones”, however, we often experience in-clinic with clients the many times this goes wrong. It’s VERY easy to waste your time, money, effort, and energy on well-intentioned strategies and products. So we want […]

#83 Natural Hair Dyes and Owning Your Silver

Whether you’re dying your hair to cover up greys, or it’s just part of your beauty routine for other reasons, there’s a common question we hear from clients once they realise how toxic conventional hair care products can be… What other options are there? In this week’s episode, we cover: – The pressure to stop […]