#63 The Dark Side of Botox

As natural healthcare practitioners, we often get asked what our thoughts are on botox, fillers etc. While both Amie and I think you can and should do whatever you want with your body, we also know that when it comes to these common beauty therapies, what they do or can do to your health isn’t […]

#62 Period Care – The Best and Worst Options

There’s an abundance of options out there when it comes to managing our periods each month as menstruating females. Pads, tampons, cups, caps, free bleeding, period undies… Spoilt by choice or overwhelmed with options? We think the former, though we also acknowledge that many of you feel the latter. So in today’s episode, we’re breaking […]

#61 All Things Thrush

No one likes having an irritated vag right? (I’ll accept silent nods of mutual agreement). However, thrush and similar conditions are way more common than you might think. In today’s episode, we’re discussing some common questions we get from clients about thrush and what steps you can take to treat it.   LINKS MENTIONED: Join […]

#60 Dairy, Nut Milks, Coffee and Vitamin D – Your Questions Answered!

We love a good Q&A so today we’re answering your burning questions on dairy milk, nut milk alternatives, vitamin D levels, coffee, and what we find most challenging in maintaining our health. You can also now submit a voice note question for us to be considered for part of our Q&A episodes. To do so […]

#59 Nutrition & Diet For Endometriosis

Endo is a topic close to our hearts and in today’s episode, we share with you the biggest diet tips and tricks that make an impact with our clients, as well as some of the emerging scientific literature. Endo is complex, so treating it holistically and becoming educated and empowered with what you CAN do […]

#58 Choosing a Healthy Home Checklist

Join us to learn about the red flags to be aware of when choosing your next rental, workspace, first home, or forever home. Our environment can make or break us so you’ll want to keep this checklist handy to ensure you’re not signing yourself up for ongoing health issues.   LINKS MENTIONED: Join The Holistic […]