#76 5 Things You’re Doing That Are Messing With Your Hormones

Balanced hormones are a superpower. So in today’s episode, we’re breaking down 5 things you’re doing that might be messing with your hormonal balancing superpower. Your hormones have such a profound impact on your energy, creativity, motivation, comfort, and mood (to name a few)… And more importantly, the recognition of how these elements impact every […]

#64 How to Stay Healthy While on the Pill or Hormonal IUD

We’ve done plenty of episodes about why we believe hormonal birth control from an optimal health perspective isn’t the best choice, and why coming off the pill or IUD can be a (health) game changer. However, sometimes in your unique situation, hormonal birth control IS your version of the best choice when weighing up the […]

#62 Period Care – The Best and Worst Options

There’s an abundance of options out there when it comes to managing our periods each month as menstruating females. Pads, tampons, cups, caps, free bleeding, period undies… Spoilt by choice or overwhelmed with options? We think the former, though we also acknowledge that many of you feel the latter. So in today’s episode, we’re breaking […]

#53 How To Avoid “Burnout”

In this episode, Nat shares with you all about some of her personal strategies and tips to avoid “burnout”.   LINKS MENTIONED: Join The Holistic Health Collective Membership   FIND NAT BELOW: Website – https://nataliekdouglas.com/Thyroid Rescue – https://nataliekdouglas.com/thyroid-rescue/Gut Rescue – https://nataliekdouglas.com/gut-rescue/Hormone Rescue – https://nataliekdouglas.com/hormone-rescue/Fertility Support Package – https://nataliekdouglas.com/fertility-and-preconception-care-package/A Guide To Coming Off The Pill – https://nataliekdouglas.com/coming-off-the-pill-mini-course/How To Test Your Thyroid Properly […]