#98 6 Most Common Diet Mistakes We See Our Clients Make

After multiple decades collectively in-clinic working with clients 1-1, including assessing thousands of dietary habits… we’ve observed a series of super common mistakes that we want to share, so you can course correct or avoid them. In this episode, we run you through these exact mistakes + a little free unsolicited advice on what you […]

#89 Health Tips For Travelling

Fresh off Nat’s recent overseas trip, we decided to share some healthy tips for travelling. Whether it’s an overseas fun holiday / vacation, a work trip, hiking, camping, or something in between, the same principles still apply. Here’s what we chatted about: – Strategies for managing jetlag– Dealing with plane foods– Healthy eating and snacks on-the-go– […]

#83 Natural Hair Dyes and Owning Your Silver

Whether you’re dying your hair to cover up greys, or it’s just part of your beauty routine for other reasons, there’s a common question we hear from clients once they realise how toxic conventional hair care products can be… What other options are there? In this week’s episode, we cover: – The pressure to stop […]

#81 Anxiety, Hormones & Blood Sugar

Ever gone through a stage where you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, a bit scattered, and wondering whether your hormones are the culprit and are just “out of whack”? You’re not alone! In fact, every week I speak to women who echo a similar story, and I’ve had new clients in the past couple of months that […]

#80 Disordered / Restrictive Eating and Using Food As Medicine

Many women (and men) have a history of struggling with their relationship with food and their body. AND… many people are currently dealing with some kind of symptom, dis-ease, imbalance or are in pursuit of optimal health. So how do we toe the line of using food as medicine without entering the territory of “disordered” […]

#79 The Myth of Health Perfection and the Art of a Truly Holistic Practice

An honest conversation around the myth of “health perfection” and what it really means to practice and live a truly holistically healthy life. If you’re curious about our take on this topic, or you’re on your own health journey and wondering “how everyone else does it”, then this episode is for you. LINKS MENTIONED: Join The […]