#94 6 Mistakes You’re Making When Trying to Heal Your Gut

This episode is for you if you’re currently suffering from digestive symptoms or “gut issues”. So often we see clients and people in our world doing #allthewrongthings when it comes to *actually* fixing gut issues. While the internet is not short on gut health tips, supplements, protocols, and magic solutions – the reality is, that […]

#93 Iron & Pregnancy

Ever felt overwhelmed with knowing what, when, and how to supplement when you’re pregnant? Well, you’re certainly not alone. One of the MANY topics in pregnancy that gets wildly misspoken about both in conventional and natural medicine is the topic of iron testing and appropriate supplementation. Today’s episode is going to help dispel some myths […]

#92 Antibiotics for Acne – What You Need to Know

ACNE SUCKS!  We get it – we have clients DESPERATE to get rid of it ASAP! In a recent episode, we talked about Isotretinoin (such as Roaccutane) and we received many follow-up questions about antibiotics for acne which is another common conventional prescription. Here’s what we’re covering in today’s episode:– Why they’re used– What it […]

#89 Health Tips For Travelling

Fresh off Nat’s recent overseas trip, we decided to share some healthy tips for travelling. Whether it’s an overseas fun holiday / vacation, a work trip, hiking, camping, or something in between, the same principles still apply. Here’s what we chatted about: – Strategies for managing jetlag– Dealing with plane foods– Healthy eating and snacks on-the-go– […]

#88 Is EMF Exposure Behind Your Anxiety?!

In this day and age, there are certainly plenty of reasons to feel anxious, but if you’re not reducing your EMF exposure, you could be missing a really big factor behind the way you’re feeling. In this episode, we talk about some of the health effects of EMF exposure and, in particular, its affect on […]

#87 The Types of Gut Tests We Use and Why

So you’ve got gut issues and you want answers ASAP. Well, unfortunately, “gut testing” is not a one-stop shop. There are a whole host of “gut tests” that can be done, and which one is right for you depends on your symptoms and clinical health history. So in today’s episode, buckle in for a tour […]