#100 Husbands of Naturopaths – Come Meet Ours!

100 Episodes! Whaaat?! How crazy that we have had the blessing of recording 100 episodes for you. We wanted to bring you something fun this week which is why we invited our husbands onto the show to get a little insight into what it’s like being a Husband of a Naturopath. So if you fancy […]

#80 Disordered / Restrictive Eating and Using Food As Medicine

Many women (and men) have a history of struggling with their relationship with food and their body. AND… many people are currently dealing with some kind of symptom, dis-ease, imbalance or are in pursuit of optimal health. So how do we toe the line of using food as medicine without entering the territory of “disordered” […]

#72 Breathing Your Way to Better Digestion

Breathing properly has the power to completely transform your digestion – I’ve seen it! If you…– Rush when you eat / don’t chew your food– Feel like food “sits in your stomach”– Feel bloated after meals– Struggle with a tummy that constantly feels unsettled – Are going through a period of navigating feelings of anxiousness, stress, […]

#71 Indoor Air Quality & Protecting Your Health

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, and unfortunately the notion “if I can’t see it, it’s not there” doesn’t cut it. Some estimates say indoor air is 5 times more toxic than outdoor air! In this episode, we chat about WHERE these toxins are inside your home, including the usual suspects […]

#70 Reverse Dieting, Healing Your Metabolism and Sustainable Weight Loss

Join us for a conversation about reverse dieting, especially if: – You’ve been on and off diets throughout your life– You’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss/body composition goals– You’re a chronic undereater– You’ve tried to lose weight but it feels like even when you eat a small amount of food and exercise, things […]