#97 6 Steps To Treat SIBO (A common cause of IBS)

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a common condition that results in bloating, gas, and changes to bowel motions (constipation or loose stools) and has also been associated with many skin conditions, and clinically affects mood, energy, hormones, thyroid function and more. It’s a condition we help manage and overcome in the clinic every week, […]

#94 6 Mistakes You’re Making When Trying to Heal Your Gut

This episode is for you if you’re currently suffering from digestive symptoms or “gut issues”. So often we see clients and people in our world doing #allthewrongthings when it comes to *actually* fixing gut issues. While the internet is not short on gut health tips, supplements, protocols, and magic solutions – the reality is, that […]

#87 The Types of Gut Tests We Use and Why

So you’ve got gut issues and you want answers ASAP. Well, unfortunately, “gut testing” is not a one-stop shop. There are a whole host of “gut tests” that can be done, and which one is right for you depends on your symptoms and clinical health history. So in today’s episode, buckle in for a tour […]

#81 Anxiety, Hormones & Blood Sugar

Ever gone through a stage where you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, a bit scattered, and wondering whether your hormones are the culprit and are just “out of whack”? You’re not alone! In fact, every week I speak to women who echo a similar story, and I’ve had new clients in the past couple of months that […]

#62 Period Care – The Best and Worst Options

There’s an abundance of options out there when it comes to managing our periods each month as menstruating females. Pads, tampons, cups, caps, free bleeding, period undies… Spoilt by choice or overwhelmed with options? We think the former, though we also acknowledge that many of you feel the latter. So in today’s episode, we’re breaking […]