Get Maximum Benefit From Your Liver Detox Smoothie

Does a Liver Detox Smoothie Even Work? Green smoothies can be really helpful in increasing your vegetable intake…but far too often a green smoothie can turn into a sugary beverage. I’m sorry to say but this is going to do more harm to your liver detox efforts, gut health and overall inflammation levels than the benefits of ½ […]

Gut Healing Creamy Berry Smoothie

Gut-Healing Creamy Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie Goodness This lean, mean gut-healing concoction is one of my personal favourites! I love having a berry smoothie almost daily; as you can see from the ingredients list this is packed full of veggies and is a great way to heal your gut. Those berries definitely add a little natural sweetness and tartness! […]

Gut Healing Green Goodness Smoothie

Ingredients: 1 cup water or almond milk (both work, just slightly different taste) 1 small kiwi fruit, cut into chunks (tip: kiwis are one of the lowest fructose (sugar) fruits and are rich in antioxidants) 1 handful baby spinach 1/4 Avocado 1/2 medium cucumber, chopped roughly 2-3 tbsp. grass fed gelatin 4-5 ice cubes (optional) […]

Want to Know Which Foods Really Help Your Liver Detox?

Tying It All Together From our previous discussion on the science of liver detoxification, there were 3 main clues that arose: Phase 1. Less toxins = less liver stress. So reduce your toxic load! Phase 2. The liver needs lots of nutrients to detoxify properly. So improve your diet! Phase 3. Good gut bacteria are essential for […]

Refreshing Kiwi & Lime Gut-Healing Green Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a cool, refreshing, delicious smoothie that will do wonders for your insides? Look no further! This refreshing kiwi and lime gut-healing green smoothie recipe is the bomb. Often I see green smoothie recipes that earn their ‘green’ status from something as minimal as half a cucumber. The rest is a sugary mess. If […]