If you’re at all interested in achieving optimal health or something close to it you’re doing yourself a huge disfavour if you ignore the importance of sleep. While it may feel all mucho to live by the old “I can sleep when I’m dead” mantra, it’s in no way conducive to good health.  In fact I would fairly confidently say that sufficient quality sleep is right at the top of the list for factors that determine your level of health, performance and longevity.

Sleep is when your body recovers. Here are just a few benefits of a good nights sleep;

 Now moving onto a few of the not so peachy consequences of LACK of sleep

Now that I’ve scared you all enough that you probably won’t sleep tonight, I feel I should provide you with some constructive recommendations on getting a good nights sleep!

Ok guys that’s all I’ve got on sleep for now. There’s loads of information out there on improving sleep and for good reason.

Until, next time


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