Creamy Raspberry Probiotic Gummies
Creamy Raspberry Probiotic Gummies

Probiotic Gummies

These Creamy Raspberry Probiotic Gummies are SO easy to make and pack a punch of gut healing goodness. With the benefits of probiotics AND gelatin (a potent gut healer) your insides will be feeling rejuvenated in no time. Plus they are delicious!


¾ cup coconut milk kefir (you can also use goat milk kefir, regular kefir, or coconut cream. However the probiotic benefit comes from the ‘kefir’ part)
1 cup frozen raspberries
2 tablespoons of sweetener of choice (e.g. honey, maple syrup, or rice malt syrup…or 5-10 drops stevia…Omit the sweetener if you like…it will still work!)
¼ cup grass-fed gelatin


1. Place kefir and raspberries in a blender and combine until smooth and creamy. Tip this mixture into a saucepan.
2. Add the sweetener of choice (optional) and gelatin, stirring to combine and allowing the gelatin to mix through. It should form a thick-ish paste.
3. Turn the temperature down to low and continue stirring until the mixture becomes thin. It will take about 5 minutes or so.
4. Pour the mixture into a shallow baking dish, or some silicone molds if you have them. Allow the mixture to set in the fridge. It will take about an hour or so.
5. Remove from the moulds or cut using a knife if you have used a baking dish.


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