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Berry Smoothie Goodness

This lean, mean gut-healing concoction is one of my personal favourites! I love having a berry smoothie almost daily; as you can see from the ingredients list this is packed full of veggies and is a great way to heal your gut. Those berries definitely add a little natural sweetness and tartness!

Ingredients (Serves 1)

200-300mL of filtered water

1/2 avocado

1 handful organic baby spinach

1 small organic cucumber

100g of frozen organic berries of choice (about a cup). I love the “Oob” brand from Coles

2 tsp. pure stevia leaf powder (you can switch this out for another sweetener of choice, or none at all, whatever floats your boat really!)

2 tbsp. grass fed gelatin

1 tbsp. slippery elm powder

Contents of 1 probiotic capsule (I personally use the BioCeuticals Ultra Biotic 45 for general probiotic support, though there’s many similar high quality products on the market)


Blend and enjoy! Yep, that simple.

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Nat x

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IQS Clean n Green Smoothies