E62: The orgasm podcast with expert Nina Powell

Guest Interview: Nina Powell

Nina is a guide for high performing women to access their full sexual potential, for fulfillment and deep connection in relationships, and using the erotic for power, magnetism and creativity and business.

Her work is rooted in her long term tantric meditation practice, and she is trained in psychology, somatic experiencing somatic sex education and coaching, and holistic pelvic care.

Where to find her:


What we chatted about:

  • What Nina does and how she got into it
  • The importance of orgasms in sexual intimacy
  • Is it normal for women to not be able to orgasm (every time, or not at all), and if not normal, what can be done about this?
  • Top tips on improving the sexual experience and orgasm
  • Thoughts on masturbation? Where can you buy cheap batteries?
  • Thoughts on toys? Do we need to go full “50 shades of grey” or are their other, less intense options
  • My (Kate) libido disappeared since pregnancy and birth (18mths ago). Advice, please!
  • Thought on postpartum sex, loss of libido, lack of confidence, mind over matter with pain?
  • Can people be sexually incompatible on a physical/chemical level?
  • Sex during breastfeeding and why am I so dry? And just don’t want it!
  • Can all women have vaginal orgasms with penetration only? (I think we previously had a question around the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms, and if vaginal orgasms were actually a thing)
  • If someone has experienced trauma (either from birth or sexual trauma in the past), where should they start on the road to recovery (physical, mental and emotional)
  • What does a session with Nina look like and what does she actually do in a session?
  • Nina’s upcoming retreats and programs for women
  • Where you can find Nina

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