6 Steps To Identify If You Have An Underactive Thyroid

In this post I cover off the various ways that are used to identify Underactive Thyroid Symptoms and uncover the possible underlying causes. 1. Functional Testing To properly assess thyroid function you need to get the whole picture. This means ensuring that ALL of the following tests are performed: TSH- Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This hormone […]

Thyroid Function and Pregnancy: Why You Should Get Checked

Daughter Listening To Pregnant Belly

It is said that pregnancy is the ultimate stress test for the thyroid, which makes a lot of sense given your thyroid controls the energy of every single cell in your body. Kind of important when you’re trying to grow a whole new human from scratch right? Something that is commonly spoken about but in […]

Get Maximum Benefit From Your Liver Detox Smoothie

Does a Liver Detox Smoothie Even Work? Green smoothies can be really helpful in increasing your vegetable intake…but far too often a green smoothie can turn into a sugary beverage. I’m sorry to say but this is going to do more harm to your liver detox efforts, gut health and overall inflammation levels than the benefits of ½ […]