#96 The Contraceptive Pill and Acne

Ever wondered if or how the OCP helps with acne? In this episode, we talk about: – How the OCP helps SOME women with acne– What it means if you’ve had a positive skin experience on the pill– What drives acne that’s helped by the pill– Why the OCP isn’t a long-term solution for acne […]

#95 When Health Supplements Go Wrong

When health supplements go wrong… A string of cautionary tails from when natural medicine hasn’t gone to plan. A bit of entertainment meets legit precautions from us to you. From accidental voms, poos, arrests, tingles, and lost taste buds – you’ll pick up a thing or two about what *not* to do. We would love […]

#94 6 Mistakes You’re Making When Trying to Heal Your Gut

This episode is for you if you’re currently suffering from digestive symptoms or “gut issues”. So often we see clients and people in our world doing #allthewrongthings when it comes to *actually* fixing gut issues. While the internet is not short on gut health tips, supplements, protocols, and magic solutions – the reality is, that […]

#93 Iron & Pregnancy

Ever felt overwhelmed with knowing what, when, and how to supplement when you’re pregnant? Well, you’re certainly not alone. One of the MANY topics in pregnancy that gets wildly misspoken about both in conventional and natural medicine is the topic of iron testing and appropriate supplementation. Today’s episode is going to help dispel some myths […]

#92 Antibiotics for Acne – What You Need to Know

ACNE SUCKS!  We get it – we have clients DESPERATE to get rid of it ASAP! In a recent episode, we talked about Isotretinoin (such as Roaccutane) and we received many follow-up questions about antibiotics for acne which is another common conventional prescription. Here’s what we’re covering in today’s episode:– Why they’re used– What it […]

#91 4 Supplements in our Endometriosis Toolkit

Endo is a complex condition and in our clinical experience, helping improve the quality of life of women who experience Endometriosis is completely possible. There are A LOT of tools in the (natural medicine) toolkit, and in today’s episode, we’re giving you a sneak peek into some of the natural medicine supplements we use that […]