#100 Husbands of Naturopaths – Come Meet Ours!

100 Episodes! Whaaat?! How crazy that we have had the blessing of recording 100 episodes for you. We wanted to bring you something fun this week which is why we invited our husbands onto the show to get a little insight into what it’s like being a Husband of a Naturopath. So if you fancy […]

#98 6 Most Common Diet Mistakes We See Our Clients Make

After multiple decades collectively in-clinic working with clients 1-1, including assessing thousands of dietary habits… we’ve observed a series of super common mistakes that we want to share, so you can course correct or avoid them. In this episode, we run you through these exact mistakes + a little free unsolicited advice on what you […]

#97 6 Steps To Treat SIBO (A common cause of IBS)

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a common condition that results in bloating, gas, and changes to bowel motions (constipation or loose stools) and has also been associated with many skin conditions, and clinically affects mood, energy, hormones, thyroid function and more. It’s a condition we help manage and overcome in the clinic every week, […]

#96 The Contraceptive Pill and Acne

Ever wondered if or how the OCP helps with acne? In this episode, we talk about: – How the OCP helps SOME women with acne– What it means if you’ve had a positive skin experience on the pill– What drives acne that’s helped by the pill– Why the OCP isn’t a long-term solution for acne […]

#95 When Health Supplements Go Wrong

When health supplements go wrong… A string of cautionary tails from when natural medicine hasn’t gone to plan. A bit of entertainment meets legit precautions from us to you. From accidental voms, poos, arrests, tingles, and lost taste buds – you’ll pick up a thing or two about what *not* to do. We would love […]

#94 6 Mistakes You’re Making When Trying to Heal Your Gut

This episode is for you if you’re currently suffering from digestive symptoms or “gut issues”. So often we see clients and people in our world doing #allthewrongthings when it comes to *actually* fixing gut issues. While the internet is not short on gut health tips, supplements, protocols, and magic solutions – the reality is, that […]