#9 The 3 Tools You Need to Manage Mould / Moisture

Join us for an episode that is practical and a must-listen for EVERYONE. We walk you through the top 3 tools every home needs to keep their environment mould-free. This is something we can ALL benefit from.


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This is the moisture meter Amie referred to: https://www.instrumentchoice.com.au/pocket-moisture-meter-ic-850001

This is another suitable moisture meter: https://www.instrumentchoice.com.au/0560-6060-testo-606-1-wood-and-material-moisture-meter-incl-protective-cap-batteries-and-calibration#description

Here are a couple of ceramic essential oil diffusers: https://seoc.com.au/collections/accessories/products/electric-oil-vaporiser-arctic-white https://seoc.com.au/collections/accessories/products/electric-vaporiser-2-in-1-oil-melts-white


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