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"The problem is that people often assume the best version of themselves is unattainable. When they look at the social media profiles of others who are 'living their best life', they feel they have to do something extraordinary or undiscovered. But not everybody is the same human; Oprah is just as human as you and I. I really try and inject the humaneness into it by getting people to really feel into things, like 'how does this make you feel, how do you desire to feel, and what's the bridge between that?'."

Jordanna Levin | Author, Podcaster, Manifestor & Lunar Lover Tweet This!

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In Episode 76 of The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast, Natalie Douglas, Kate Callaghan, and their guest, Jordanna Levine (Author, Podcaster, Manifestor & Lunar Lover) discuss why personal development is important and how to start manifesting the life you want.
  • Jordanna’s approach to spiritual growth or personal development
  • How to bring more humanness into the pursuit of becoming your best self
  • Personal development and spiritual growth cycles and learning to love the “in between”
  • What exactly manifesting is
  • The manifesting equation
  • The part of the Manifesting Equation people struggle with the most 
  • The biggest mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting NOT working for them
  • Does picturing or thinking about something negative kill your manifesting game?
  • Can you manifest for other people? 
  • The biggest lesson Jords’ has learnt in the process of uncovering the art of manifesting

Jordanna Levine
Author, Podcaster, Manifestor & Lunar Lover

Intro 0:00
Hello and welcome to The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast, with your hosts Natalie K. Douglas, Thyroid Healer, and Kate Callaghan, The Holistic Nutritionist. Nat and Kate are degree-qualified dietitians and nutritionists, certified fitness instructors, speakers and authors. If you love unfiltered banter, unedited bloopers and authentic heart-sharing then we are your ladies! Now it’s time to sit back, relax and get ready for our latest tips on living your healthiest life possible.

Natalie K. Douglas 0:37
Hi, guys, it’s not here. I wanted to jump in and give you a quick background on this week’s amazing guest, Donna Levine. She’s an author podcaster manifester Luna lover and closet stand up comic who has a real knack for taking mind exploding spiritual concepts and making them digestible, relatable and applicable to everyone. Join runs two incredible podcast one solar cold Luna lava, and one with the beautiful Holly as a potty cold, the middle. George has also really recently released an absolutely amazing book called make it happen, which we believe is a must read for all of you guys wanting to live your best life. You can find out more about her offerings by her website, Donna living.com and her social media channels which we will pop in the show notes. We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did.

Kate Callaghan 1:35
Hello and welcome to another episode of the holistic nutritionist podcast. today. I am very excited to have one of my dear friends. Jody, welcome to the podcast.

Jordanna Levin 1:48
Thank you. Hello. So nice to be here.

Kate Callaghan 1:51
So nice to have you got it. When do we meet like 15 years ago when I was working at the sheath and

Jordanna Levin 1:58
a look Shane’s been conservative To be honest,

longer than that, but yes sounds good 15 for him, it

Kate Callaghan 2:07
wasn’t a healthy space then and then we worked together and I quit sugar and Oh yeah, go on our own ways and done our own thing and you have been doing some incredible things my friend and I’m so excited to get into that a little bit more. And so I think we will actually just dive straight in with a super important question that is what would your last meal on earth

Jordanna Levin 2:31
you know? I wish I had an answer. I really died. I’ve been struggling with this one Um, I think it would have something to do with like a slow court to meet have some descriptions and maybe like some slow cooked lamb and I yeah, maybe like a row stina is that a really boring, boring, awful

Natalie K. Douglas 2:53
I love it. I would, I would totally carbonate that with you. As long as we had a side of like crispy sweet potato wedges because they’re like, my favorite thing ever.

Jordanna Levin 3:03
Yeah, I mean, they’re really good. I mean, there’s so many things I would say, Oh, yeah, definitely my last meal. I’m I’m hoping for like some sort of buffet smorgasbord to be honest. Yes, totally,

Kate Callaghan 3:14
like some kind of 10 course meal.

You’re gonna go out, you might as well go out with a

Jordanna Levin 3:21
bang, right? That’s right. Nice and full and satisfied. That’s it.

Natalie K. Douglas 3:26
I love it. Awesome. Alright, well, we’ll move on to the next question. I really, I guess, where I wanted to start with all of these is I wanted to really get your what your approach is to spiritual growth or personal development because I feel like there’s, you know, it’s such a huge space now. And I feel like we just need a little bubble I live in but I feel like it’s becoming more and more a quote unquote thing. And I feel like there’s different ways that people approach it and I personally really love the way you approach it, but I’d like you to share it with us. Our audience in terms of Yeah, just just your approach to it all?

Jordanna Levin 4:04
Yeah, look, I think I think it’s so wonderful that

the spiritual world and the personal development world is becoming more mainstream. I do think that we live in a little bit of a bubble where we think that it’s more relevant to people than it actually is. But I think potentially it does have the opportunity to reach a wider audience. And the approach that I take is by making those concepts as relatable, digestible and practical as possible, because at their essence, they really are. And in order for people to be able to embody them actually do the work involved within the personal development. It needs to be something that they can apply to their own lives and really be able to relate to it so I make sure that whenever I’m talking about anything, that’s deemed particularly whoo, whoo inverted commas that I really bring it back to personal story and make people see it on a level that they’re going to be able to understand so that they can apply it in their own lives.

Kate Callaghan 5:12
I love that. I loved your book, and it’s it’s complete, no BS approach. And I learned so much about you actually. A good friend.

Jordanna Levin 5:24
Yeah, you know the line, you know, the line, I think, Tom? Yeah, there’s some things that just need to be saved up to the first book. I think

Kate Callaghan 5:34
you’re right, bringing those stories in it makes it so much easier for people to understand. And I think people really value that in your book. So thank you for putting yourself out there. I mean, there’s some pretty deep stories in there. It must have been challenging emotionally for you to write those.

Jordanna Levin 5:52
It was it was a lot of reliving old sheet, but I just kept telling myself that was fed the greater good that the only way that people will going to be able to really understand it on a purely practical level with us to say that I was able to do it myself and I’ve been through my own shit.

Kate Callaghan 6:14
Thank you. Now, can you tell us a little bit more? How can people bring more humanists into their pursuit of becoming their best self?

Jordanna Levin 6:23
Yeah, I think that the problem is that people assume that the best version of themselves is quite an unattainable thing. And when they look at,

let’s say, like social media, or you know, just people with profiles, living their best life, inverted commas, that it’s something

extraordinary that they’re doing. It’s something undiscovered that they’re doing. It’s not like everybody is the same human Oprah is just as human as you and I. So I really try and inject the humaneness into it by getting people to really feel into things like how does this make you feel? And how do you desire to feel? And what’s the bridge between that because that’s as human as you get. It’s like bringing it really down to not only like an emotional feeling level, but like

a sensual feeling level in terms of using all of our five senses, you know?

Natalie K. Douglas 7:25
Yeah, I love that. And I because I feel like it’s like in, in this whole personal development, well, it can all get really like heavy and serious if you let it because the reality is like, they’ll always be things that, you know, you can be, you know, working on so to speak. And I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in that and easy to get caught up in the seriousness of it and start to kind of move away or had guilt around doing things that are just completely human like Even as simple as like, watching reality TV show, like, not gonna lie, I just started watching the Bachelor. A little bit in love with Matt,

Jordanna Levin 8:10
who isn’t in love with Matt. Let’s point.

Natalie K. Douglas 8:14
I know I’ve never watched it before and then listening to you guys speak about on the middle and then I really gotta like, because I just bloody love love and if I could just watch it or would, I’m like, I’m gonna watch this. And I started and I totally binge watch most of the episodes.

Jordanna Levin 8:34
Yeah, and I think that’s it’s like there. There’s this real sort of like stigma around being sort of like, you can’t you can’t be both things. You can’t be spiritual and enjoy reality TV or you can’t be working on your personal development and enjoy margaritas like, it’s like, No, you actually can do all of those things. And there’s even if we’re all just doing You know, just a little bit better, we don’t have to be the best. But as long as we have self awareness, and we’re bringing a little bit of like self love and a little bit of self care, and we’re working on our self worth, then it doesn’t matter if you get those things from watching the bachelor, or from sitting down and writing, you know, the power of now or whatever it is.

Natalie K. Douglas 9:22
Yeah, yeah, totally. I completely resonate with that. And that’s kind of my approach. And the other thing I like to bring into it, or I guess I’m curious about your opinion on this is the ID of like, should you always be on in terms of should we always be, like going, you know, at 100 miles an hour trying to pursue this personal development stuff? Or is it more Is it is it a better way to do it like in cycles? Or how do you approach kind of working or doing the work?

Jordanna Levin 9:53
Yeah, God, I think it’s exhausting to always be doing the work and I think it’s really important that people Take integration time when doing the work. Like, if you are a serial personal development book writer, and you read one, shut it and stop the other one, there’s no time to integrate and embody what you’ve learned. And really put it into practice. And practice isn’t always putting it into action. Sometimes practice is doing nothing. And just practicing a little bit of surrender and letting go and, you know, sort of practicing non attachment. So yeah, I’m move in the cycles with everything that I do. I started with the lunar cycle just because it’s a really easy one. It’s a beautiful solid month, there’s this big old in the sky that kind of directs you through the cycle. And even just looking at it from an energetic point of view, you know, you’ve got this real clear 14 day period where everything’s, the energy is supporting you to be a little bit more action based. I can Real Yang energy. And then the next 14 days as we slip from like a full moon to a new moon, the energy is asking you to slow down and practice some passivity and really tap into a human energy practice surrender, letting go and like resting and restoring. And if you start to look at all the different cycles that happened within the universe, you can see that this happens throughout all of them. So you know, the rising in the setting of the sun, we’ve got the sun as it progresses throughout the day, it kind of reaches its peak at midday, at this beautiful like Yang action based energy where we’re all running around and getting things done. And then the sun begins to set as the day goes on and we get to night time it’s time to rest. It’s time to go to bed. It’s time to sleep. That’s how we restore so that we can wake up in the morning and slip back into action as the sun begins to rise. Same thing happens with our menstrual cycles. Same thing happens with our breath, the inhale and the exhale, every cycle that you look at has the same balance of yin and yang energy. So when we’re trying to create stuff in Willa in our life, whether it’s like a project, or whether it’s just, you know, the creation of a child or, you know, the creation of a book, whatever it might be, it’s allowing yourself the time to tap into what is going to be creation and Yang, and what’s going to be time to just stand back rest and let things happen.

Kate Callaghan 12:32
I am totally guilty of being that development junkie. Yeah, we all get to all the things all the time. And as you said, not, I don’t allow for the integration. Unless I’m really focused on it. I noticed that it’s so much I get so much more out of it out of those podcasts that I’m listening to, unless just some development books I’m reading, if I do allow that little bit of rest and that integration time, because otherwise it just becomes chaotic in my head. I have the most chaotic head.

Jordanna Levin 13:02
Yeah, I think the other thing is that the integration is the actual work. And that’s the heartbeat. And so it’s it’s a lot easier to just avoid it and be like, yeah, yeah, I get it. I get the concept. I get the concept. So I’ve done it, but it’s like, no, yeah, you actually haven’t done it. Now. Now. You have to do the work. And that’s the bit that scares people because it pulls you out of your comfort zone.

Kate Callaghan 13:26
It does. But that’s where the magic happens, isn’t it? Yeah. I love the focus on the moon so much. You do so much work around the lunar cycle with your lunar nights. And I think it’s really fitting that we’re speaking to you today. Man, is there anything in particular that people Kudo should be doing for themselves on the full moon to really maximize my life?

Jordanna Levin 13:49
Yeah, definitely. So the full name is um, as we slip into the in phase of the cycle, which I was talking about before, so it really is about slowing down. It’s kind of like if you look At the moon cycle, like the seasons is as we slip into our winter, so it’s time to hibernate. It’s really about releasing and letting go of the things that no longer serve you. So, when we work with the lunar cycle when when we’re at a new moon, which is the beginning of a cycle, that’s when we set our intentions and we manifest it’s a time for creation. But in order to bring new stuff in, it’s really important that we’re getting rid of the stuff that we don’t need anymore in our lives. And by that, I mean, you know, habits, toxic energy, toxic people, limiting beliefs, anything that is perhaps a recurring pattern in your life that actually isn’t serving you in any way. So the full moons are really good time to observe what those things might be, and really have the intention of letting them go releasing them not taking them into a new cycle.

Kate Callaghan 14:58
Is there anything that you’re learning Go if you want to share, you don’t have to share.

Jordanna Levin 15:03
Yeah, no, totally, I love sharing. I have had this real realization this year. And I’ve always kind of known about myself, but I’ve just kind of used it as a label. I am a control freak. And I don’t mean like, in terms of other people, I just mean in my own life, I try and control every little tiny thing that’s happening, and it’s so exhausting. So I’ve kind of reached my max out point at the moment. So I’m really trying to just loosen the reins on myself a little bit and not be so hard on myself and allow myself to make more mistakes. And I think in doing that, I’ll probably end up making less.

Kate Callaghan 15:42
I need to do that.

You were both crazy Geminis? Yeah.

Natalie K. Douglas 15:57
Oh, you guys are so funny. I’m just trying to think about What I’m well actually I have, I have like, such a long list of letting goes this. This month, I guess I’ll share one of mine that the first one that comes up because I’m a Leo, so I just you know, it’s all about me I have to share, possibly

Jordanna Levin 16:15

Natalie K. Douglas 16:17
lie. My letting go is this is quite probably quite a personal one. But I know my husband wouldn’t mind me sharing is in my relationship from I kind of have this thing where I Oh, and actually not just in my relationship, just you know, everything. I have like one foot out the door and they always need to have like an exit strategy. And so I’m trying to let go of that and whenever I’m doing anything, or whenever I’m committing to anything actually fully committing instead of just being like, Oh, you know, just just in case. So that’s def and I feel like it’s probably going to take more than just one moon. Let it go but that’s my one. It’s

Jordanna Levin 16:59
also you You know, it’s just about bringing awareness to it because I think a lot of the time we all go through life and we don’t even take the time to look at things like that and realize that that’s actually what we’re doing. So the fact that you know, that has already made it a thing and you’re one step closer to releasing it, because the intentions there.

Natalie K. Douglas 17:20
Yeah, totally, totally. I think I’m, I’m someone who’s really good with awareness, but then I’m like, oh, wow, I’m so aware. But then I kind of forget that actually doing

Kate Callaghan 17:32
doing the work like the discovery, but then

Jordanna Levin 17:36
this is the humaneness of it, though, like this is this is what I was talking about before. We’re all human. So, you know, knowing that it probably won’t happen overnight, you know, or even in 14 days as panting like to

likes to sell it to us. It might take a little while and that’s okay, because we’re human and it’s part of the journey my favorite word not

Natalie K. Douglas 18:02
Everybody, I love it well, I really want to make sure we get to talk about make it happen, which is your amazing book that you just released. And it’s all about manifesting the life of your dreams in case you didn’t know because you know you wrote it.

And I’m really aware really interested to know what men of black manifesting is to you.

Jordanna Levin 18:28
I look, I think in its most simplest form manifestation is taking ownership of your own future and the life that you want and knowing that you are actually responsible for creating your life. And as soon as you can come to that realization and realize that that’s all that manifestation is it’s not actually a super weird concept. It’s a lot easier to come to terms with the fact that it’s actually possible for you and I think that’s what the book really All About is going, hang on a second. This isn’t like some miracle that I’m trying to sell to you. This is something that we’re already doing every second of the day, I just want you to be able to do it consciously.

Kate Callaghan 19:13
That’s quite empowering. When you realize that you can do this, isn’t it? Huh? Yeah. Now, in your book, you talk about the manifesting equation.

Natalie K. Douglas 19:24

Kate Callaghan 19:25
So for listeners who are still waiting for their copy of your book to arrive in the mail, because everyone’s ordered it.

Jordanna Levin 19:31
Can you give us a quick summary about what that equation is, please? Yeah. So it’s called the manifestation equation. And I really, I actually wanted to call the book The manifestation equation, and the publisher was like, absolutely not.

Well, I think because it’s very, like I liked that it kind of runs but they like it’s very dry. And it’s very mathematical. And I was like, Yeah, I guess it is. It’s not that make it happen is a much better title.

Natalie K. Douglas 20:02
So I’m glad we went with that. But our

Jordanna Levin 20:06
book is basically based around this equation. The equation came to me while I was running my monthly event series Luna nights I’ve run it for three years now I started to form in the first few months, as I was teaching a lot of the spiritual laws around manifestation it kind of all started to fall into place. And the manifestation equation goes like this thoughts plus feelings, plus actions plus faith equals successful manifestation. And it’s all four parts of that some in unison working together that makes manifestation possible. So I think for a really long time, you know, manifestation has been sold to us in various forms. A lot of it was based on you know, thinking the good thoughts, then it was all about feeling the good feels and and all of that is valid and true. But thoughts and feelings alone and not quite enough? I really think, not that we should put more weight on any part of the equation. But I really think that action pace is super important, and something that a lot of manifestation texts have left out. Because action essentially is the role that you play in your manifestation. And I think people that have struggled with manifestation in the past who have actually left the action pays out and at a wondering why things on manifesting for them. I’m you know, I’m thinking all the right things and I feel like it’s really going to happen. Why has it not happened yet? That’s like, well, what, have you actually gotten up off your ass and diving about it? No, no, I haven’t actually done that. So that’s, that’s what I wanted this book to do was empower people to make it happen, essentially. And then the last part of the equation is faith. And that’s a tricky one. It’s one of the hardest things to teach people, but paramount to everything. It’s having faith in yourself trusting in yourself. And then the next level of that is having faith that there is a force greater than you that’s actually wanting to help you out, it’s actually on your side, and will help this thing manifest for you too. So I think at the end of the day, what make it happen really encompasses is this idea that your ability to manifest and your level of self worth are actually directly correlated. So the areas of your life where you don’t feel worthy or you don’t feel deserving of things, and I guess we’ve all got those little pockets in our life, you’re gonna find it really hard to manifest in that area. But in the areas of your life where you know, you’ve got a really high level of self worth and you think you’re deserving of the things that you can create, you’re going to find it really easy to manifest in that area. So I think when you start to break the equation up thoughts, feelings, Actions face, they all come back to selfless

Kate Callaghan 23:05
love, I love, love, love that you put so much emphasis on the action part of it as well. And, and as you speak about any book, I mean, I listened to a lot of Abraham Hicks and I love meditations and they’re fantastic and they really help with my mindset. But as you say, unless you take action with the other parts of the equation, you really kind of missing the mark.

Natalie K. Douglas 23:30
Yeah, and the thing is

Jordanna Levin 23:31
like, mindset is so important and feelings are so important that integral, they’re the fuel behind our thoughts. But mindset alone, if you’re not getting up and taking the action is kind of worthless, but you need to be in the right mindset in order to take that action. So it’s all of it working together.

Natalie K. Douglas 23:53
Yeah, that’s so interesting. Hey, and I was thinking like, as you were speaking about that, you know, I wonder If everyone struggles with different parts of the equation as in like, maybe there are some people who find action easy, but the, you know, the faith or the feelings are hard, like, do you think there’s any one part of the equation that everyone struggles with? Or do you feel like it just depends on your personality or level of self worth, as you were saying? Yeah, look,

Jordanna Levin 24:22
I think I think, yeah, it’s hard to generalize. But I would have to say, in my experience, faith is probably the thing that people struggle with the most. It’s really hard when you’re when you really want something when you want it so bad to believe that it’s going to happen if you’re not attaching yourself to it if you’re not holding onto it for dear life. So part of the faith piece is to really release attachment, if it’s meant for you. If it’s in your highest interest, then it’s going to happen and having the face that it will. That is super hard for people. Yeah, I saw that person like

Natalie K. Douglas 25:00
Action, no worries.

That Yeah, the faith is the hard part. And I think for me, it’s like comes back to already having evidence in my subconscious that it hasn’t worked before. And so why will at this time so I have to put so much effort into not attaching myself to the outcome and just continuing to Yeah, have faith it as you said, but that’s definitely the part I struggle with for sure. So

Jordanna Levin 25:26
hard I’ve got something that I talk about in the book, which is this idea of diesel something better and and the faith Pisces. If it’s not these, then it’s not because I don’t deserve it. It’s because something better is on the way. And when you can slip into that and repeat that to yourself over and over and over again, this is something that or this is something that it kind of takes the pressure off, and it’s not expecting the worst because that makes you feel better. It’s expecting the best and if the best doesn’t happen, it’s because something better is going to happen. That changed the game for made big time. Also what you said before about, you know, all will it’s happened like this before. So why would it be any different this time is trying to treat every experience as a new experience. Because when we treat it as an old experience, we put it through the same filter and it becomes a limiting belief that we’ve actually created simply by not having the faith that it would work out differently.

Natalie K. Douglas 26:26
Yeah, that’s so true. And I think, like, it’s such an important thing to remember. And I love that idea of like, you know, this or something better. Because if we sit with like, if we just have faith or nothing as the alternative, often our minds go to the worst case scenario or staying the same, but I love that you’re actively putting in place you know, an alternative to like this or something better as opposed to just leaving the mind to you know, do what it always just go back to what it already knows. I really, really love that

Jordanna Levin 27:00
I mean, if you look back on your life and you look at opportunities that were missed, a lot of the time it was for the better that they were like something better came along. That probably will definitely wouldn’t have if the other opportunity had manifested itself. So it’s really looking back and reflecting and and using that as an imprint of what you can expect going forward. Definitely,

Kate Callaghan 27:25
I’ve started doing that in my journals at night. So I wrote my gratitude or write down three things I’m grateful for, going to write down a bit of affirmation and something that I want to manifest into my life and then I write for something that uh,

Jordanna Levin 27:37
huh, yeah, beautiful. Yeah.

Yeah. Because otherwise what we’ve sorry, otherwise what we do is we set boundaries and parameters around what we think is possible for us. So sometimes when we’re trying to manifest something, we think that that’s the best thing we can create. But what if there’s something even better that we haven’t even thought of without tiny human brains, what kind of limiting ourselves by believing only that is possible for us?

Kate Callaghan 28:02

So we spoke about the faith being the big the one of the big things that people struggle with, what are some of the biggest mistakes you think people might be making when it comes to manifesting then? Not seeing that it’s working for them?

Jordanna Levin 28:18
Yeah, I think, um, people don’t put enough faith again in the timing of their life. I think some people go, and I thought, you know what, I’ve come up against this a lot myself. So I feel like I can talk about it is, you know, this idea of, you know, trying to manifest love. So I’m 35. Yep, I definitely have. That wasn’t true. No, it’s true. I’m 35. And I haven’t found the one yet. And I really like I think I’m pretty cool chick and I’ve been doing all the right things and I’ve been trying to manifest him for a while. It really is timing and I honestly believe that it just hasn’t been the time for me yet. And I think having faith in that and really believing that is is paramount to manifestation. And I think that the mistakes that we’re making is we get so caught up again in our own self worth, and not mention timing affect us. I think that’s one of the mistakes people are making. Another one is the limiting beliefs and limiting beliefs hook you into those stories. So that’s kind of like what you were talking about before Natalie, it’s like it happened this way. So why would it be any different? Our limiting beliefs are probably the biggest blockades when it comes to what we want to manifest in our life. So if you feel yourself coming up against a brick wall every single time, it’s time to do a bit of an assessment about why you think this isn’t happening for you and have a look at your beliefs, the way that you feel about it. your level of faith the actions you take around what it is you’re trying to create.

Natalie K. Douglas 30:05
Yeah, I love that I definitely resonate with that as well because like today I think that like that totally rings true like anytime where I’m like why is this not happening? It’s often because it’s this limited it’ll comes back to a limiting beliefs. That’s so sorry, interesting in such a good thing to know. Something else that I’m curious about quite selfishly is, like, for me when I was first learning about manifesting, I kind of got stuck in this place where whenever I would picture something horrific, or negative, I’d be like, holy shit, I’m going to manifest that and I would like drive myself crazy. Like as an example, my husband went on a trip to on a surf trip to Indonesia. This, I think was earlier this year. And I was like, convinced the whole time he was gonna die itself. absolutely nuts because he was completely safe. And he’s like Mr. cautious in a lot of ways. But then I like I got so in my head about oh my god, if I’m just thinking this, then something’s going to happen and then it’s going to be my fault. Like what do you have to say for people like me? Who get freaked out when there are negative thoughts around?

Jordanna Levin 31:19
Yeah, well, I think that we need to not play so much weight on our thoughts because the fact is that I think the statistic is something like, we have 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day and 85% of those thoughts are untrue thoughts. They’re just not true. They’re, they’re bold lies. And like a good chunk of those untruths about ourselves and our loved ones. And then of those lies, like 90% of them are just repeat some of the thoughts that we’ve had the day before and the day before and the day before that. So there’s like maybe like, I’m not very good at maths, but let’s say Thoughts are hold any weight whatsoever. So I just think we can’t we can’t place too much emphasis on them. What thoughts do is build a really beautiful foundation for us to exercise the rest of the manifestation equation, which is the feelings, the actions and the faith. Now I know what you’re saying. And it’s it’s anxiety, its future projection, right? Like we have a fear or anxiety about something that could happen. And we work ourselves into such a state over it. That Yeah, it could manifest. But I think what it is, is it’s catching the thoughts as they happen, labeling them for what they are, which is a future projection and anxiety knowing that it’s a fear that you have, but you’re not going to put any weight on it and really consciously trying to let it go. I think that if we walked around worrying that everything we thought was going to manifest we’d live in a really scary world, because let’s be honest, like I can be super GLG in my head. Gemini in may judge other people super judges myself, and um, I would just live in a state of constant fear if those thoughts started to become my reality.

Kate Callaghan 33:14
I definitely had a period of when I first started going into working with manifestation and working with Abraham Hicks, law of attraction of not freaking out if I had negative thoughts just going oh my god, I can only think positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

It’s exhausting.

I can laugh about it now. But I took it very seriously. It’s time.

So what about manifesting for other people? Is that possible?

Jordanna Levin 33:42
No. It is absolutely not. It’s a it’s a huge rule of mine. We cannot manifest for other people. And we can’t manifest to change other people. And I say this from experience. I’ve tried both and it doesn’t work. And the reason is that everyone has their own free will and it’s really not Place to be messing with someone else’s energetics. What we can do is a lot of people ask me when I get really kind of blocked about it and say, No, you absolutely can’t. And someone will say something like, oh, but I’ve got, you know, I’ve got a sick parent or, you know, I want my child to do better, whatever it is. And I always say to them, Look, what we can do is we can set a vibrational standard around people. So if we have, you know, a sick family member or someone who’s not doing so well, we can set a standard for the healing process. So having faith that you know that they will find something that’s in their best interest that’s going to make them feel better, have certain feelings of safety and stability and security around them. Being in a positive mindset when you’re in their company. But trying to manifest the Cuba or trying to manifest you know, their ability to fully heal is not something That we have the power to do all that we should be taking on board from an energetic perspective.

Natalie K. Douglas 35:06
Yeah, that sounds like really exhausting if you were to try and do that and you wouldn’t like how would you actually make that happen when there’s so many parts of that equation that are essentially outside of outside of you? So I love that I love that. You know, there is something that you can do but yeah, don’t don’t try and do the manifesting for other people. I love that. So what’s the biggest lesson you feel like you’ve learned personally in the process of uncovering this, you know, art of manifesting or the manifesting equation like what do you feel like has been one of your biggest like aha moments or takeaways?

Jordanna Levin 35:42
Yeah, look, the self worth piece is a massive Aha. And if we would have break it down a further I would say this, for so long. manifestation has been taught in the way that if you want to create something, let’s let’s use the example of lava. If you wanted to create a lover, it’s like, okay, work out what kind of a man you want. And then vibrate on the frequency of that man by working out, you know what traits he wants up sorry, what traits you want in him, what the relationship will look like and really try and vibrate on that. What I’m saying to people is what if you just focused on your own vibrations, and trying to be the best, most authentic version of you by working on yourself worth figuring out what strengthens your vibration, figuring out what makes you feel in alignment, figuring out what lights you up, and then just vibrate on that frequency. And everything that is meant for you everything that’s matching, your strong vibration will be attracted to you. So you don’t have to go over there. Everything will come to you. And I think that’s the biggest aha I had. It was like don’t focus on all of the external stuff. Focus on yourself. The things that are meant for you that are working in the same vibration as you that are in full alignment with you will come into your orbit.

Kate Callaghan 37:10
And with regards to that self worth, do you have any tips for our listeners on some simple things that they can incorporate in their life or some simple action steps that they can take to improve their self worth?

Jordanna Levin 37:21
Yeah, I’ve got a, there’s a whole heap in the book like lots, but I think one of the best things that you can do is write a high vibes and a low vibes list. So it’s kind of like a pros and cons. But I want you to have a think about when you feel your most comfortable, authentic, radiant self. So you know, like when you’re around your really good friends or it could be family or whoever it is, and you feel really relaxed, you feel like you can just be you. When I’m in that state. I feel like I’m a lot smarter and I’m a lot faster. And I just feel really comfortable and inflow and in alignment. So if you can think of a time in your life like that, I want you to think about all of the things that add to that, that make you that can pull you into that state. So whether it’s certain people, certain activities, perhaps when it’s when you’re out in nature, perhaps when it’s when you’re on your own reading a book, whatever it is, I want you to work out what always makes you feel like that, what strengthens that feeling for you. And then I want you to have a look at the low vibrations, I want you to have a look at the things that we can that the people that we can that vibration, the environments, the tasks, the you know, maybe it’s certain things that you have to do at work or whatever it is that’s bringing you out of that alignment, and start to have a think about how you can start to swap some things over in that category. So you want to be adding more to the show. Sitting column and you want to be taking stuff out of the low fives column.

Natalie K. Douglas 39:06
I love that. I’m so gonna do that i and i like to call it high vibes and low vibes so much sexier than

I always used to be a pro and con Western as well.

Even when it came to like, what I wanted to stay in a relationship with someone or not

Jordanna Levin 39:25
just to get out my pros and cons list when she was getting real and I was like, all right, well, I’m just gonna just gonna have to write this out so I can make a proper decision. Yeah, I mean, I think you’re in law and I think it was a bit of a trend in the 90s but we’ve kind of moved on so yeah, high vibes. High fives low vibes is the new pros cons.

Natalie K. Douglas 39:44
Oh, I love it. I’m like to do that.

It’s exciting. And I think like it even just even just writing it you kind of get well I could imagine like you’ll get more clarity around. Even just like your hierarchy of values because you’ll be able to start saying like, okay, many of these things as similar, and how can I start living more true to my values based on Hey, what’s making me feel good and what’s not making me feel good? Because I think like, at least for me, the more I understand myself, the easier it is for me to, like, shut out all the noise of other people’s, you know, like, how they want to live their life and start tuning tuning into exactly what is true for me. And the more I live in that space, the better version of myself I feel like I am and I’m just such a more pleasant, funny human to be around.

Jordanna Levin 40:41
Yes, yeah. And having awareness of when you are a pleasant, funny human, you know, and I think this is all about self awareness. So many people walking around with no awareness of who they are and what makes them feel good. So really just kind of shining a light on yourself, and really kind of Being around and getting curious. Yeah, I love that. I love

Natalie K. Douglas 41:03
that. Okay, so I know that everyone listening is going to be like, please give me more so where can people get more from you? Like what what do you have on offer so we know that you’ve got you just released your book make it happen but tell us more about how else people can listen to you work with you all of that.

Jordanna Levin 41:24
Okay, so get a pen and paper No, no. So make it happen is in bookstores, in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. And if you’re anywhere else, you can order it online from book topia and Book Depository and Amazon and all those places. And I have to podcast shows I have one pod crash podcast show called the middle that I host with my friend Holly as a party. We talk about everything from Super spiritual stuff to the bachelor recap. Can we really meet you in the middle a podcast called Luna lover the podcast. It’s an interesting podcast I talk about the moon. So I do a new moon synopsis and a full moon synopsis every fortnight. And in between I interview people, I have conversations about the energy that are things with that current main. So, for example, last conversation was around the Leo New Moon. So we talked about courage and vulnerability and confidence. So the conversations always kind of theme around the moon. And part of that Luna lover experience is a membership that I wrote. So if people are interested in like tuning into the lunar cycle a little bit more, and using the energy of the moon to your advantage, knowing the certain times of the month that it’s better to be more productive and what times of the month it’s better to slow down a little bit. The membership really kind of helps with that this new guided meditations every month. There’s new information as journal prompts in there we hold online moon circles, we kind of gather and do some like moon rituals online. So that’s really fun and it’s really cheap. It’s like $22 a month. And it’s just a really beautiful way to tap into the rhythms and energy off the moon.

Natalie K. Douglas 43:22
I love it. And we’ll make sure we put all of the links to all of those amazing things in the show notes and people can follow you on Instagram and yes, I listened to that Leo podcast you did with Holly and amazing. Yeah, but also just be extra excited because I’m like, Oh, it’s me. I’m

Jordanna Levin 43:42
like, I loved it. The latest. It is interesting because when we do have, you know, when we’re going out an Aquarius, full moon, which is what we have now, really being able to, you’ve got, you’ve got all of this energy circulating and really being able to tap into that energy and again, know how to embody it and implement Apply it is really important. So the conversations that happen after the moon on the podcast and just a really good way for people to be able to relate that energy to their own life. So yeah, it’s fun.

Natalie K. Douglas 44:12
Yeah, I love I love it. Well, thank you so much for coming on and having a chat will hopefully get you back soon because I have like, a billion other questions. But I just yeah, I can’t recommend your book more highly. It’s just it’s, I’m actually reading it for the second time,

Kate Callaghan 44:28
because I’m just someone who reads it too fast. I’m

Outro 44:42
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