#59 Essential Oils Q&A - All Your Questions Answered

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"The way I recommend how essential oils are used to clients is that you shouldn't be putting the oils in water. They don't disperse evenly and you can potentially get the whole drop in one go, which can rritate the mucous membranes of your digestive tract."

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In Episode 59 of The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast, Natalie Douglas and Kate Callaghan discuss how essential oils are used and the essential oils benefits for better health.

  • Kate’s first oil she used this morning
  • Kate’s motivation to start using essential oils
  • doTerra business and what Kate loves about this company and opportunity (including sharing her own blocks!)
  • Her most incredible personal experience with the oils (this ones a goodie!)
  • The best feedback she has received from using the oils and how they continue to blow her mind
  • Top 3 oils for kids including how to dilute them appropriately 
  • Some oils to avoid using in children
  • Best oils for all things lady garden and practical tips
  • Essential oil ingestion thoughts and tips
  • A typical essential oil day for Kate
  • Details and dates for her upcoming NZ/AUS oily tour (follow her on FB and insta for ongoing up to date details)

Intro 0:00
Hello and welcome to The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast, with your hosts Natalie K. Douglas, Thyroid Healer, and Kate Callaghan, The Holistic Nutritionist. Nat and Kate are degree-qualified dietitians and nutritionists, certified fitness instructors, speakers and authors. If you love unfiltered banter, unedited bloopers and authentic heart-sharing then we are your ladies! Now it’s time to sit back, relax and get ready for our latest tips on living your healthiest life possible.

Natalie K. Douglas 0:34
Hi, guys, welcome back to the holistic nutritionist podcast. Today, me and Kate are finally reunited. I know you’re all super excited about that. I am and I’m actually going to interview Kate today. But first, Kate, my podcast girlfriend. How you going?

Kate Callaghan 0:52
I’m I’m good. I know. You know, we’re just talking about how this week’s been with the shitty events of Christchurch last week. And I think we we do need to acknowledge that and sending love and guts to everyone affected by that it was horrific. So this week, I’ve been a bit in a bit of an emotional funk and working through it coming coming at the other side. Now I think I mean today’s big week, because it’s a week and everyone’s like, we need to have two minutes silence and have a $50 blackout from Facebook. And it was just a moment this morning like okay, I think I’m coming good again. And then. Yeah. Does that make sense? Totally. Otherwise, I’m good. Everyone’s been talking about this friggin mercury in retrograde. And I’m I don’t understand it, but I’m okay with that. Not explain a lot of glitches and things and a super moon and wacky

Natalie K. Douglas 1:46
Yeah, a lot of my clients have been saying stuff about the moon and I have been living in a bit of a bubble and I’m like, Oh, the moon like Yes, good point. Maybe that’s why I stopped just happening but yeah, I know it’s it’s been my week Spain similar. It’s been a bit like as we were saying off the off the podcast just to be like clunky, like, you know, when you just you feel like you never quite on top of anything that you’re doing. That’s been my week too. So I feel Yeah, let’s let’s blame it on the moon to

Kate Callaghan 2:18
carry retrograde in the world. Yes.

Natalie K. Douglas 2:22
Yep. Yes. Anyway, we are going to try and pop and share some oily love with you guys. Because I may be again dying to interview Kate about all things essential oils, because we kind of like, you know, ask questions here and there at the end of podcast, but I’ve never really been able to do like an interview where where I’m just asking all the questions that often pop up in relation to essential oils, and I think you are the person to ask. So. That is what I’m going to do today. So my first question Kate is, what was the first boy you use this morning? And why did you use it? You know what I had breakfast? Oh, yeah. Good one. That’s gonna be the second question.

Kate Callaghan 3:09
A little bit of chocolate I did. That was post breakfast was the first oil or use this morning I used the balance, grounding blend, because it keeps me grounded. It’s a beautiful blend of three oils. And it just stopped me from being anxious, overwhelmed, irritable, psycho lady, relax, I put that on the soles of my feet every single morning. It’s already diluted a little bit so it already has friction and coconut oil in it. So I didn’t put a couple of drops straight on my feet every single morning and it just calms me down. Nice and why?

Natalie K. Douglas 3:45
I don’t know if you know this, but why do you put it on your feet? Like, why not closer to your head?

Kate Callaghan 3:52
And a few reasons so it’s one of the least sensitive places of the body and reflexology points on the face. And I think the significance of the tree oils and the grounding and it kind of all ties in together. Oh, I love it. Put it up close to my head is a little bit of a perfume and the balance as well. Yeah, it just goes on the soles of my feet.

Natalie K. Douglas 4:15
I love it. Yeah, I love smelling like essential oils every time I put them on people always that oh you smell so nice. I’m like what do I smell like when I know they do smell lies I love to that’s my favorite one.

Kate Callaghan 4:31
That’s when we were just talking before before the podcast started I was just

Natalie K. Douglas 4:33
putting cheat on then. Oh there you go. Yeah, I love it like I have a noticed known to like just wear that all the time. And I love sniffing peppermint like in the morning when I’m just like all right come on. I would love to get done or between clients like because you know sometimes consulting one on one in a row can be quite draining i love you my clients if you’re listening but can they just just like as a you know just talking nonstop and absorbing people’s emotional energy because I just can’t help it can be quite draining so I love peppermint just listen that keep it keeping it on my desk I look really funny because I my husband comes out and I’m just got like the essential oil bottle dislike

Kate Callaghan 5:16
What do you snippet now?

Like a junkie Can you get it in closer to you know lady in hospital with essential oil stock I’m not saying you’re not put oil directly up your nose. You don’t need to have that. I don’t actually stick it on my nose. I’ve sniffed

Natalie K. Douglas 5:42
out an easier way to close to my nostril. It’s like my nostril is just like been on fire.

Kate Callaghan 5:47
I couldn’t fall asleep because I felt too invigorated. Anyway, first of all problems now stepping back in that the energetic boundaries. You know, tea tree is the oil for energetic boundaries.

Natalie K. Douglas 6:03
Okay, I’m going to be doing that. So you ready recommend topical application of it or diffusing it? What’s your tip there? If I need some boundaries?

Kate Callaghan 6:11
I would just inhale from the bottle

Natalie K. Douglas 6:14
that I can do. Excellent. All right, I’m going to line up tea tree frankincense and peppermint today. And it’s gonna have a bit of a sniff off every time I go. That sounds so bad. I’m just gonna sneeze my oils one at a time. Okay, cats, do you? I have a cat but it lives upstairs with my mom and her partner. So at the moment, but I’ll try and keep it away. Why does it tea tree kill cats

Kate Callaghan 6:43
are toxic. Okay.

Natalie K. Douglas 6:45
Well, I’ll keep my cat away from it. He’s not very, he doesn’t really tend to go and eat them. All come down here. So it’s pretty safe. That good tip. I’ll make sure I don’t just leave it around because I am known for leaving stuff around. Yes, I didn’t do that. He’s too cute. Okay, next question is What did you have for breakfast?

Kate Callaghan 7:07
I had a banana on it. And some of my children’s porridge sounds different.

Natalie K. Douglas 7:23
anyone listening Kate? Kate’s known for a banana on Late in the morning for breakfast just in case. But young, I shouldn’t make some of those. I haven’t had those in ages. So delicious. Do you have any essential oils to it? Like D I’d like a job cinnamon or anything like that?

Kate Callaghan 7:39
No, I just put normal cinnamon I put this in character actually. That’s the change patterns. It’s like a chalk banana omelet.

Natalie K. Douglas 7:48
Oh, look at you mixing things up. Yeah, all this time. Oh, I love it. Okay, you’ve inspired me. I’m going to make banana pancakes on the weekend. All right. Back to a central oils. I’m actually curious. And I think well, I kind of already know the answer to this. But I would love you to share with everybody. What actually made you get into using essential oils,

Kate Callaghan 8:11
um, a few different things. And so I use them I started using them. I actually started using them when I was about 12 when I dabbled in witchcraft, oh my god, you would make the best which I don’t know why you just would. I just feel really awesome at it. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. And then and then I didn’t, I kind of be off that path for a while. And then went back to using the mouse given a couple of dead hero whales for a Libyans baby shower. So about four years ago now. And I was given on guard and breathe, which is easier in the States. And I started using them with her not really knowing what I was doing, but I was paying retail for them because I was like, dude, I don’t want to have anything to do with that pyramid scheme you. But I love the oils, use them and just you know, paid an extra 25% that I didn’t really need to pay. But that was my naivety I guess. And and so I noticed that using them were it was really supportive for Olivia keeping her like she didn’t get perfect for the first 10 months of her life. And then when she did, I was able to use them and breathe easier in the diffuser to help clean that congestion that she was getting after after starting daycares and buggies and courses course stuff and congestion. And I just found it that really helped clear everything out. And Olivia was also inventory sleep crap sleep for the first two and a half years of her life. And and I spent thousands on all sorts of remedies. And I even went on a little bit of gym tools, sleep training, and that didn’t work. Surprise, surprise. But then I ended up using 11 to peace on her feet. So I did two drops of lavender peace in a 10 little roller bottle and I talked to that production and a coconut oil and I massage it onto a feet and I go to sleeping through the night. I’m gonna grab some Samia.

Natalie K. Douglas 10:15
I love it. I’m gonna get my husband to do that to me, mainly cuz I want a foot massage. So how how exciting like that you found something that works? And was that kind of like, yeah, the turning point when you’re like, oh, okay, maybe they do like, when did you actually decide, okay, I’m going to stop paying paying retail for these. And DG goes straight from paying recommended retail to kind of doing the the business side of things or DG kind of step into just having a wholesale account or whatever. And before you actually decided to make a business out of it.

Kate Callaghan 10:51
Um, I did borrow, I opened up my wholesale account, and I had spoken with my friend, Amy Crawford. And, and then because I’d seen, you know, people that I respected in the health and wellness sphere, doing the business side of it, and like, oh, okay, tell me more about it. It seems dodgy, but tell me more. And I’ve used oils, and like, I really love them. And we spoke about it and kind of work through all of those blocks and realize that no, it’s not actually a pyramid scheme. And yes, they are actually really high quality. And you know, even if you just want to open up your wholesale account, you can just purchase even when you want, there’s no lock in contract. There’s no like KPIs for the business, you run your own business. And so I I stepped straight into both at the same time, which is not something I recommend for people, when they come to me, I say I usually say use the oils personally first, and then start sharing if you feel called to do so. So you can have those personal experiences. So you can speak from the heart and from that place of authenticity. Because I think it’s really important to be able to share, share your passion and share those personal experiences. Rather than talk about the lemonade and lemon and the chemical constituents the Cisco tokens and frankincense because no one really gives a #### about that. They want to know how how you use frankincense and how you use lavender in your life to support you physically, mentally, emotionally, and sharing that in a real way. Because Tara is a relationship business. It’s it’s basically it’s network marketing. So it’s based on people building relationships and building trust. So it’s like any product, you know, on Instagram, I’m always recommending Raglan coconut yoga, yet to put me on as an ambassador, and I haven’t made it sell out in New Zealand before. Never invested on anyway, because they like yeah, you’re gonna put to bed anyway. So like, you’re right, you’re right. But you know, so I talk about REG and coconut yogurt. I talked about my liquid or yoga pants, I recommend them everyone and then people go and buy them. I don’t get any commission from that. The difference with their Tara is Yeah, they pay me to say, thanks. I’ve been a bit of a detour, then.

Natalie K. Douglas 13:13
I totally get it. Because I mean, I, you know, so many people have books, as soon as I hear about anything related to network marketing, they just like all that. So dodgy blah, blah, blah. But if you think about it, everything we buy, like, not everything, but a large majority of things we buy like you’re buying it because someone usually someone else’s said, Oh, I just got you know, as you just said, I just got these awesome yoga pants are so cool, I love them. And then someone else goes and buys. And the difference is that instead of your friend getting a kickback, it’s some big company getting a kickback. And really, like if I had a choice, I’d rather my friends benefit from my purchases, then someone I don’t know, you know, way down the way down the chain. So I think Yeah, removing the blocks around that. And I think people have generally, I mean, I know I had and probably still have to an extent as we’re working through things like a lot of black really screwed up relationship with money and attitude towards money and earning and, you know, financial freedom and all that kind of stuff. So, you know, that can be triggering, because, you know, and also sales, like I feel like people feel like a CD sales person, every time they’re trying to tell someone about something when they are going to have financial gain from it, it’s like you’re already projecting on to them, that they’re somehow going to think all you just want my money. Whereas when you go and tell them about your yoga pants that you bought, like you have no issues saying that. So really, it’s about you and your relationship with money as opposed to what that person actually thinks. I mean, sure, there are some people that will be like, Oh, she’s just trying to sell me something, but they’re the people you don’t want to sell to like. So I agree with you that sharing authentically and from your experience is the best way to go. And I guess my next question is like, what do you love about Dr. Tara and the business side of things like what really lot to walk without it?

Kate Callaghan 15:18
Many, many things,

I think the biggest thing would probably be be connection and the community side of things, the community in terms of my customers that I get to support on a big scale, rather than a one on one that I would do with nutrition, like I get to support this beautiful community every single day. And we share these experiences. And everyone offers their own tips and tricks. And they they give me these be this feedback of this, these incredible moments that they’re having with these oils. And sometimes I’m like, Oh my God, that’s incredible. I’m really blown away, but don’t have to sit. I shouldn’t be surprised, because I know the scientific research is here. Know how awesome they are. And so there’s that community aspect. And especially in these last couple of months, when I’m been traveling around Australia and New Zealand running workshops, I’ve I’ve met so many incredible women. And I’ve actually got to sit down with them and really connect with them. And really, you know, sit down have a laugh last weekend sat down with some women and how to cry and just shared the emotions of being in church when the shootings occurred. And that it’s a deeper, a deeper connection that I haven’t experienced with my work before as a nutritionist, and what I love my work as a nutritionist, I’m not going to stop that. But it’s it’s different when you’re working for yourself by yourself and seeing people and in that one on one context. And when we’ve done here, it’s kind of a shared, shared experience and shared celebration, if that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah, it’s hard to describe that the whole connection and the community aspect. I mean, and even the being a part of greater Joe Tara family, which I know some people see as a cult. Whatever you call it cold.

Natalie K. Douglas 17:19
I mean, you could call a any group of passionate people, a cult like that. Yeah, I know, right. I mean, I didn’t call them sometimes a cult, but I used to be part of the cult, it was awesome. I loved it.

Kate Callaghan 17:32
And you know, that’s one thing that people love so much about CrossFit is the family side of it, connection with, with other people, which is what we crave. And you know, it. Another reason why I integrate it into my nutrition business is because I saw how it couldn’t provide almost immediate support support for people who are going through different struggles. So I’ve spoken to people about this before and you know, they say why don’t you just focus on your nutrition, and I do do that, but it’s just the oils are another tool that help people immediately. So if someone’s suffering from tummy troubles, then you know, we’re going to go down talking about, okay, what’s upsetting your digestive system, we’re going to talk about foods that they should include foods that might want to exclude we’re going to talk about this stress management, this sleep, maybe some supplementation, all of these things, but to see significant improvement in significant results from making dietary and stress management, slight changes that can take a month or even more, especially digestive issues. But if someone comes to me and they’ve got tummy troubles, I say, okay, use digestion In the meantime, while we sort everything else out underneath, because we do still need to address the root cause but digestion right now is going to help your discomfort. Yeah,

Natalie K. Douglas 18:53
yeah, totally and 100% agree with that and you know, the way you treat anyone health conditions like ease in a holistic way and as you said, it’s it’s part of your toolkit and sometimes people do need immediate relief and the nature of the body when it comes to changing food and supplements like it just doesn’t happen straight away. So it’s so good to have something to get people some relief, which also helps with them staying on track because they’re like okay, cool, like something’s working they can feel a bit better and it makes making those other changes a little bit easier. So I think that’s awesome and you know, I do the same especially when it comes to sleep and stress management with you know, lavender and love and pace and frankincense and those kinds of things, it’s just makes such a such a big difference. And I love everything you said about the community aspect of things and I think that in a world where we’re like as connected as ever, but also as disconnected as ever, it’s really nice to be able to sit down with people and share experience and share the oils in a really tangible way and then in between those times be able to create this online community as well where you can still you know, be connected and kind of have both of those both of those mediums available to you and create that connection not feel so isolated in business because you’re totally right like nutrition mean doing it by yourself absolutely can have that feeling to it and whereas when you’re part of something bigger, you get to celebrate the successes and also share the challenges which just makes the journey more enjoyable as well and makes it harder to just kind of throw in the towel because you’ve got all these other people that are like hey me too and this is what I did or you know having you know convention widow Tara and having all these different like moments of celebration just it would be you know, such as such a source of support and, and connection and I feel like we all need more of that as you said, what I’m interested in Kate is you mentioned that you recommend people to use the oils himself and have like a personal experience with them before sharing them. So what’s the most incredible personal experience that you’ve had with the oils?

Kate Callaghan 21:13
Um, personally you know, as a baby it would be my want to say reliance on like a bad word.

Natalie K. Douglas 21:26
Colton she’s addicted.

Kate Callaghan 21:30
My leaning on

Frankincense full my anxiousness. And you know, I spoke about when I had a freak out in the new world top hakia, which when I speak about it here in workshops, people like oh, yeah, I can see what can happen you know, okay. freaking out and the local car back. And when I talk about it in a workshop in and up another place people like oh my god, what was like Yeah,


Called a good cop up. Anyway, I had a panic attack. And when I realized what was happening, I reached into my bag and pulled out frankincense and, and basically just inhaling him help to to calm me down. And because people are going well, how does that work? When you inhale an essential oil, those molecules pass through the olfactory bulbs and into the blood, they cross the blood brain barrier and get into your limbic system, which controls your emotions and that fight or flight response and has a direct impact on that. And Frankincense is really well known for its ability to calm down those anxious feelings and calm that that stress response. And so I use Frankincense pretty much every day to keep me calm. I’m someone who tends to absorb energies from other people. And I’ve just recently discovered this whole phenomenon of being an empath and I can’t do it anymore on that. I’m not exactly an expert so I’m not going to talk about what what it means right now but maybe another time and so it helps me to manage my emotions when I’m getting too caught up when I’m getting overwhelmed when I’m getting anxious and just not managing as well as I probably could be. And I’m doing it’s not personal personal but when it had an ear infection infection so is

I used a EN saw his ear discomfort a full week and I thought it was his teeth and I thought my teething wouldn’t just not working he was a month old. And because when kids when babies are tired and when they have slow teeth and when they have soft ears they do the same thing they pull up the ears and kind of walk they handling Nigel Kamus just really bad TV and my TV blend isn’t working, is screaming, always going to sleep and waking up every 15 minutes. Anyway, we had a favorite the end of that week. And so I took him to the doctor and the doctors like Yeah, he has in a lot of discomfort. And she didn’t you know, he is this medical route to take with you and he might get better in in five days after taking this for five days. And and knowing what I know about gut health and the option that she gave me I wasn’t overly enthusiastic, but I took it I didn’t give it to him. I thought okay, I’m going to try this essential oil blend instead. So I diluted some tea tree Frank tea tree lavender basil and Manuka and applied it around his ears and over the top. You don’t want to put any oils in the ears, no oils in his around the ears and it comes down instantly. He said it himself to sleep for hours, woke up at eight and then straight back to sleep. And it was all better within two days.

Natalie K. Douglas 25:04
Wow. Wow, I love it. That’s so cool. Yeah, I just, I mean, I’ve watched a long while you’ve said all these stories. I’m always like, Oh, that’s cool. Like, we want to find someone with an ear discomfort. Here’s the solution. And

Kate Callaghan 25:27
compliant yeah,

Natalie K. Douglas 25:28
hopefully everyone just can read between the lines. Anyway. Um, okay, so next question that I have for you is you kind of shared your personal experiences but what about the most incredible feedback that you’ve received from others that you share the oils with or that you know, use the oils and have had a really good experience?

Kate Callaghan 25:48
Probably that would be related to Lady Gaga and stuff. inquiry come I get a lot of feedback from people about how Clary calm has improved their lady given them symptoms from all sorts of discomfort around that moon time you know heavy flows, scanty flow, irregular periods, and irritability, mood concerns, discomfort.

Natalie K. Douglas 26:14
You name it, what do you so with that? What do you get them to do like a IU getting them to apply it throughout the whole cycle? You just getting them to use it leading up to their period or during that period? How does that kind of work? Or is it different for everyone?

Kate Callaghan 26:29
No, so Clary calm because it’s the women’s monthly blend, I get people to apply it every single day on the inside and outside of the right ankle. So that corresponds with the ovaries and uterus. And then if they get any discomfort during the moon time, and then I get them to apply it diluted over their abdomen. Okay, I like it.

Natalie K. Douglas 26:48
Yeah. Awesome. And then so what other what other oils? Do you like? What do you have so if Clary calm is your top one for L all things lady garden, do you have another life, any other ones that you recommend that are frankincense,

Kate Callaghan 27:05
frankincense, so that helps to nourish the hypothalamus and pituitary in the brain, and which is going to have a flow and effect of nourishing all of the hormone glands in the body and get that communication pathway happening really well. So everything is kind of firing at the right time. And Ben also manages that stress response. And anything that’s going to help to manage that stress response is going to have a flow and effect of helping with hormone balance. And there’s a lot of research around lavender as well. And lavender being able to reduce cortisol levels. That’s that’s pretty cool. Yeah. And then the other one was a blend called aroma touch, which I like to call the adrenal support, blend. And so I’ve got a beautiful collection of like basil and rosemary and Cyprus, grandma. And I really good for those who burning the candle at both ends, or in that type of wind state and just down too much exhausted themselves. And so with aroma touch, I get them to either diffuse it or dilute a bit and apply it over the lower back. And where your adrenal sit on top of the kidneys.

Natalie K. Douglas 28:17
Oh, I love it. That’s really, really good one and you probably covered like 90% of the listeners, either stress period issues or be done. So you’re welcome everybody. Okay, so that kind of covers like, you know, all things. Female helpful lady garden, like things? What about kids? Because I know you would get a lot of questions around this, what are your top three oils for kids?

Kate Callaghan 28:42
Um, first of all, I need to say that it’s really important to look into what oils you’re using with children, so some are not appropriate for children. And so peppermint I probably wouldn’t use with children under the age of about six, rosemary and probably wouldn’t be under the age of 12. And same with wintergreen, I wouldn’t use under the age of 12. And there’s a lot of other ways that you can use. So don’t be like, I really want to use this example. There’s plenty of others that you can kind of stuff out. And that wintergreen is really, really wonderful for discomfort, muscle discomfort, and, and it’s a noun blend of ice blue, but it’s just not appropriate for little people. So you can switch it out for sake of paper. And, but my top three would be Frankincense. Especially for little people when they can’t communicate what’s going on. To us when something’s wrong, right know what is wrong with you. It just because it’s that they call it looking at oils for a reason. And they think it is the Frankincense of the justice that kind of cover all and some really, really well diluted and so for, say for Libya, she’s for I might put five dropping 10 mils, I Paul usually put more like 2223, maximum five drops of essential oil in 10 mils of coconut oil, and apply that topically. And to calm down, I would also not recommend it any ingestion for children. We can we can talk about that in a minute if you’d like to the oils for children on God. And I would not use on God in the first six minutes. And even within the first year music really diluted and really sparingly but on God is the protective blend. And so it helps to ward off ladies and keep the bugs away. So I will diffuse that if there’s anything gross going around, and I got an email the other day that guests were at the daycare. And so I just got on God diffusing here and I made up a little role blend for the kids and I played that town, they spawn on the soles of their feet. And again, really diluted, there’s also a kid’s collection that you can get from the States. These are specifically formulated for children. And so they use gentle oils, and they use them pre diluted so you can apply them straight on. So there’s one called stronger that I’ll use for the kids. And, and and so with the article that I was talking about, they’ve got one called rescue our wish, is the same concept as ice blue in terms of providing that joint and muscle support and alleviating the discomfort. But instead of say wintergreen and peppermint, you’ve got your paper, which is going to be really wonderful for relieving that discomfort for little people. More than three days, or

Natalie K. Douglas 31:40
that’s okay. I forgive you. I have a question though. So where I mean, there’s probably some people listening being like, Oh, my God, how am I going to remember all the things that are safe or not safe? Where do you go for your information in relation to using essential oils with kids, both in terms of what’s safe? And how to dilute it? Like, is there a particular resource you, you look to?

Kate Callaghan 32:03
Hmm, I use the evidence based essential oil therapy book. That’s what I call evidence based essential therapy. That is by Dr. Scott, A, Jonathan, okay, that is divided goes through all of the oils and the chemical constituents and contraindications and you know, things that you shouldn’t use the oils for you. Because some oils can also interact with different medications. That’s important to know that, and but it’s also divided up into use for adults use for children and then use for pregnancy. Breastfeeding, because different stages of life, there’s going to be different things that are appropriate and not appropriate. And it is a lot of scientific research in the back. But I would say if anyone has any serious, serious medical concerns that they want to use essential oils for women, I would say get in touch with them to to work with them on

Natalie K. Douglas 33:03
also, and we should totally do a podcast on essential oils in pregnancy and breastfeeding. But we weren’t jumping it into it today, because I still have a few questions for you. But I’m just flagging that as a bags to interview about that in the future. So next question is I do want to quickly get your opinion on ingestion of essential oils. Like what what are your thoughts around that? Are there any because you know, it’s a bit controversial, like some people are like and everything to everything to your tea to your burger know, people aren’t eating burgers with essential oils fit, you know what I mean? Like they just like willy nilly at everything. And then there are other people that I do not ever ingest an essential oil. So where do you sit with that, so people have some idea about the safety around it and the appropriateness of it.

Kate Callaghan 33:55
Um, it’s very, very controversial. So I usually disclose is on aromatic and topical use because you know, everything you put on your body, and everything you inhale is still going to get into your bloodstream. So you can use them safely that way. And ingestion. So a lot of people get to be in their bonnet about their Tara oils. And they are promoting useful ingestion. So there’s a few things on that. So Dr. Wales, our next level pure, I’m not saying other essential oils, and I’m just saying these are next level pure, and they’ve been tested a lot. And you can go to a site called source to you and every single bottle, on the bottom of that bottle, there’ll be a little code and you can look at where everything is sourced in everything that’s in there. And they will not sell you a bottle of essential oil that is not 100% pure and free of any other synthetic pillows and chemicals that aren’t natural chemicals. And so we had a batch of bergamot and a couple years ago and came back 95% pure and the lab tests the lab people were like oh, you know is probably finest but we just alive era can sell it and datar said no, we’re not going to sell anything that doesn’t come back hundred percent pure. So we didn’t have the money for a while. So they lost the money on that. And but that’s how rigorous they are in this dance on providing the most pure and the most tested essential oils. And they are imported into Australia and New Zealand as food additives. And a recognized as such by the Food Standards of Australia, New Zealand. You know, when we were in university, we were educated on how rigorous that testing is to go through Food Standards Australia, New Zealand so people like yeah, that means nothing and like no, it actually means a lot.

Natalie K. Douglas 35:41
Yeah, yeah, definitely controversy

Kate Callaghan 35:44
to get that government passed me Food Standards Australia, New Zealand? Is it the being job? And people like oh no, I’m not gonna have any interest in the food industry is actually the biggest user of essential oils, and all of your flavorings and everything. They are essential oils, panel, chocolate uses Tara essential oils in their chocolate, peppermint in the wild orange. And I probably wouldn’t recommend ingestion for Well, I don’t recommend you just some for children. I don’t recommend ingestion for pregnant women. And or older people as they’re generally on medication. And I always do say you know, they can interact with medication. So you probably don’t want to take them if if you’re on any medications. And obviously, it’s best to get that guidance from a qualified women therapist around that as well. But I think it’s also the drama i think is blown out of proportion as well. And a lot of aroma therapists will quote Robert disoriented. And he is kind of the the leading authority on essential oil safety. And I’m just his safety guidelines now on his website. And on oral ingestion, he does say in one or two drops of most essential oils can be safely taken in a day. But more than this is not recommended. So what drugs I think is fine for most people if they really want to in a targeted way. And also not all in essential oils, not even all dead hair essential oils suitable for ingestion. And you need to look on the bottle and see it’ll say for flavoring use if it’s safe to use. You know, as we were talking about before, I think a lot of people are too heavy handed with it, and a bit flippant with it, we do need to remember how potent and how powerful these oils are so wonderful. Peppermint is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea. Do you want to be having 10 drops of that every single day? No, I don’t think so. And you know, as he was saying this disruptor got? And yeah,

Natalie K. Douglas 38:04
yeah, we use it to treat some why use it to treat some like bacterial overgrowth. But you have to remember that antimicrobials aren’t exclusive to killing bad bacteria only There is also the always some collateral damage. So yeah, with motley people who asked me about having, you know, peppermint in their tea every single day. I for most people, I’m like one drop a few times a week is ok, but I wouldn’t be doing it. And this is just my personal opinion, I wouldn’t be doing it every single day. Especially not if it’s more than one drop. And what are your thoughts on you know, if people are using something like, let’s just use stick with peppermint as an example, peppermint oil, in their smoothie or in their cup of tea? What would you recommend in relation to actually putting it in the tea because oil and water, essential oil and water? They’re not going to, you know, it’s not going to dissolve in it evenly? So is there a strategy that people can use to help with that?

Kate Callaghan 39:11
Yeah, I’m if you, I don’t usually recommend putting the oils in water because they don’t disperse evenly. But if you are doing that, if you’re not going to do it, I’m adamant and I’m going to do it, then you need to shake shake the bottle or shake this do the circuit before you have a cigarette to disperse those oils. Otherwise, we’re just going to get the whole drop in one and that can potentially irritate the mucous membranes of your digestive tract.

Natalie K. Douglas 39:40
Yeah, and can people like mix it? Like say if someone is having a cup of peppermint tea or something? Can they mix the essential oil like a drop of the essential oil with like, some coconut oil or something that isn’t disgusting tasting like, you know what? To put olive oil in your tea, but like a bit of coconut oil and then put it in the in the T like would that help it? Or do you think?

Kate Callaghan 40:03
Yeah, potentially. Yeah, I’d be more inclined if I was going to click with it. Yeah. And then a lender. I’m gonna probably wouldn’t even use a whole drop. I’d pop the top. I’ll stick a toothpick in and smell that. Smell that toothpick around in the hot chocolate milk.

Natalie K. Douglas 40:18
That’s a really good strategy. Actually. I’m going to start using that because yeah, I love I love hot peppermint chocolates. But yeah, I’m hesitant to do a whole job every single day and usually, to be honest, I’m so like, clumsy that it’s never one drop that comes out and I’m crushing it. I’ve literally dropped I think 50 cups of peppermint tea. So yeah, I agree. I like that toothpick tip. That’s really cool. So thank you for sharing that in relation to ingestion of oils if people have follow up questions let us know because we will be doing more podcasts on this topic Kate’s brain and find out more but we are kind of slowly running up to time so I have to quit questions for you. What does a typical day of oil use look like for you? Starting Okay, first wake up

Kate Callaghan 41:10
when I first wake up. Okay, first thing I will have shower. Excellent hygiene. It depends if I’m doing some exercise in the morning and I might use some smart and sassy which is a really energetic motivating blend of slightly stimulating oils. And if the kids are in the house that are just smart straight from the bottle because they don’t need to be stimulated anymore peppermint in it and they’re already kind of crazy. If they not in the house, then I will put it in the diffuser and get that going while I’m doing my workout to give me a bit more energy. If I’m not then I’ll have my shower I’ll get out of balance the grounding blend and the soles of my feet. Clary calm on the inside and outside of my right ankle to support my lady garden. And I will put some Frankincense usually on the base of my spine and I might also wear it as my cue a few times start with then I will check in with how I’m feeling and and that will dictate what I’m going to put in the diffuser after that so if I’m working that I might put motivate if I’m cleaning I might still put some energizing oils in there but maybe not as is like get it done. And then what about the other day I had a beautiful plan was in my emotional Funk I put a cheer wild orange and spearmint.

Natalie K. Douglas 42:32
Oh I like it you want to split out of smell delicious.

Kate Callaghan 42:35
was so nice. And here is as we said the uplifting moments happen in a bottle smells like all these three drops of chia three drops of wild orange and two drops has been so good. And then later in the day when the kids are home I will generally quote something more mellow and calming and peace in my life orange some imbalance about some random and remains read Mandarin in encourages us to appreciate childhood and the innocence of childhood so you know they just can’t.

Then at nighttime, I will do a blend of sleep time oils. So I might use vedova lavender peace mudroom, I kind of change it up each night depending on how I’m feeling I like to switch things around. And to give my body that different stimulus each night. And throughout the day also be using oils in like cleaning products. So in my glass cleaner, I have peppermint in there. In my surface sprays I got on guard and lemon in my bath cleaner, I’ve got lemon, so I’m using them in my household products, I put them in my face theorems and and that I change all the time, usually floral oils or wounds in my face serum. And I’ve got eliminated my nighttime serum now to help with the pigmentation from using either being a son worshipping Ozzy. And yeah, that’s probably just a few ways how to use

Natalie K. Douglas 44:14
them. I love that. And I again, I think there’s there’s more, I could ask you so many questions on that. And I think again, we should do a bit of like a skin essential oil podcast and talk about that as well. There’s so many other topics that I could just dive into. But I’m going to restrain myself because we’re running out of time. But just know guys, we will definitely do some follow up episodes in relation to all of this. Kate, my last question for you is, I would like you to tell us about your Australia and New Zealand oil, like oily to that you’re kind of going on like where are you going? What’s involved? And how can people actually find out more.

Kate Callaghan 44:55
So I’ve decided that I need to get my little house bubble as much as I love it. Welcome back to my bubble. And I’m out from behind the screen. Actually, as I said, you actually go and connect with people because yes, I have a lot of customers who’ve come to me through social media, but that’s mostly based on trust, because I built that trust with my social media community over seven years. And I so appreciate that. They trust me that much to to you know, purchase their oils, and trust me and through that way without actually smelling them first. But I also know that there are a lot of people like yeah, I can see the love them. But I really need to experience them for myself and smell them for myself, which should only get. And so it’s a way for me to get out and travel around New Zealand and traveling around Australia and introduce oils to people and show them how we integrate oils with other factors in our life. So food and stress management and self love and sleep and exercise in supplementation, all of the things to be optimally healthy and happy. So I run small workshops maximum obtained usually in each workshops, workshop, so I can give that personalized attention and have kind of a safe space because we do speak about emotions a fair bit. And when you’re in a big group, people aren’t always willing to speak about emotions, which I totally get. Whereas if you’re in a small group of you know, five to 10, we can open up and be vulnerable. And so this month, next Friday, and next Tuesday on the Monica. And next Friday, I’m in Queens town the following month in April, so far I bought in in Chicago, for the fifth and sixth of April. And for the fourth and fifth and Wellington I’m going to be there the 11th and 12th. And I’m going to from the new e the 12. Then I’ll go to Tahoe and Hamilton on the 13th of April. And then Auckland on the 14th the 15th of April and

you can make some oils to support that journey.

Exactly, exactly. 11. Sydney 15 to the 20th of May. Yeah, you are.

Natalie K. Douglas 47:18
Awesome. So people, people will probably want to see those dates written down. Where can they go to see that? Or would you like me to pop them in the in the show notes? Is it on your website or on your Instagram?

Kate Callaghan 47:33
Instagram or Facebook? Am I usually post I usually post Facebook events, and get events on Facebook where you can see them in that event section. But if you have any questions about where I’m going to be, or if you’re somewhere in New Zealand, or Australia and you’re like I have a group of friends, then I’d love you to come and do a little workshop for us then feel free to shoot me an email and see if I’m going to be in your area cuz I might just come hang out at your house. Sounds awesome. Okay, cool. Welcome,

Natalie K. Douglas 48:04
I will make sure that I pop that in the notes. Thank you for sharing all of that stuff with us. As I said, I’m super excited to actually do some more phase because I think half the battle is just the sometimes people will just feel overwhelmed about where to start and how to use them. And I think obviously, the best thing to do is just go to a class and learn and use, you know, tangible stuff to have a look follow you on Instagram, you’re always like giving out super helpful information on how to use them and how you use them. And the benefits. But you know, I think these podcasts also serve a great purpose so people can start to learn about more and more ways to integrate them. And you know, also chat about the business side of things because, you know, I think it is really a great opportunity to share something really special and that can change the world and the way we live our lives in a really much lower toxic way. So I’m super excited to do more of these but thank you Kate for sharing we will pop anything that we’ve mentioned that’s important in the in the show notes. And if you guys have any follow up questions from anything we’ve discussed, make sure you fleet Kate an email or myself an email so we can include your questions in the coming podcast. Cake. Thank you and I will talk to you soon. Hey guys, just before you go, I want to let you know that round one of my thyroid rescue 12 week Transformation Program has now closed but we will be releasing another round within the next couple of months. So to stay up to date with that release. Or to learn more about what’s included, head over to Natalie k douglas.com and click on the thyroid rescue link at the top. Also remember that both Kate and I still do take on a number of one on one clients. So if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, confused, and know that something just isn’t quite right in your body. Stop putting your health on the back. I invest in a personalized approach approach to get well ASAP. Catch you soon guys.

Outro 50:07
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