#52 Our Reflections on 2018 & New Year's Resolutions for 2019

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"I think why self reflection is important is because you can see areas of life where you're growing and going through growth phases. My dad always said, 'if you're not growing, you're dying.'"

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In Episode 52 of The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast, Natalie Douglas and Kate Callaghan discuss why self reflection is important and how to do self reflection for ongoing personal growth.

  • The challenges and power of growth
  • Dropping what you know and being willing to change/explore
  • Ditching people pleasing
  • Rewriting your money story 
  • The power of who you spend time with
  • Re-establishing community and connection 
  • Our personal goals for 2019
  • Struggles with reintroducing exercise after HA 
  • We share our exercise stories 
  • Kate’s essential oil road trip and how to connect with her
  • Nat’s Thyroid Rescue Program coming soon
  • Working with us 1-1
  • A special offer for our podcast listeners from Nat at the end

Intro 0:00
Hello and welcome to The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast, with your hosts Natalie K. Douglas, Thyroid Healer, and Kate Callaghan, The Holistic Nutritionist. Nat and Kate are degree-qualified dietitians and nutritionists, certified fitness instructors, speakers and authors. If you love unfiltered banter, unedited bloopers and authentic heart-sharing then we are your ladies! Now it’s time to sit back, relax and get ready for our latest tips on living your healthiest life possible.

Outro 0:40
Hey, guys, welcome to the first podcast of 2019. Wow, that you went really fast. Do you like 2018 went really fast.

Kate Callaghan 0:51
It really did flew by. I feel

Outro 0:53
like I know, I can I say this to people that talk all the time. And they’re like, You’re weird, but I feel like ever since you nine time has just gone real fast. Like every year, it just gets faster.

Kate Callaghan 1:08
I guess I don’t know. Do you get more responsibilities about the interview today? I guess.

Natalie K. Douglas 1:12
I don’t know. I feel like I was still just eating and sleeping and socializing. I mean, now this definitely.

Kate Callaghan 1:22
I was working for my 1514 nine months. And

Natalie K. Douglas 1:28
actually Yeah, I did as well. I’ve acted My first job was I worked actually quite quite a lot of different places. subway, at Rush.

It’s not fresh out. Oh, by the way.

Outro 1:41
I was about to say cookies. No, I was just thinking it wasn’t my cookies. I didn’t know it was like such tiny little dots. And then they just expand Anyway, I’m sure that that happens with when people bake anyway, I worked at Toys R Us a yogurt bar. I worked as a swim school teacher. What else did I do? I didn’t I just random stuff. What did you What was your first job?

Kate Callaghan 2:06
My first job was at a news agency, which is a really nice trigger for a good eating disorder is a good magazine, right? And they have all these little them head around this time of you detox and everything. And they would always give like shake samples. And yeah, it’s really risky for exhausted for someone that age to work musicians. And then I worked in a gym. Oh, yeah. And then I worked at McDonald’s simultaneously.

Natalie K. Douglas 2:35
So you had balance in your life.

Kate Callaghan 2:38
And then I went to the cafe and then

Outro 2:42
I went to the cafe at once, but I got fought well not fired. I just didn’t go back because the lady was Superman. Because I dropped it was my first shift and I dropped plates. Because she told me that I could carry heaps more than I thought I was like, lady I don’t I really don’t think I can carry that many things. And she’s like, just do what you’ve got to learn. And I was like, okay, and I dropped and then all the like real hot, cool boys in the back will laughing at me. And then I cried and went home. And then she never paid me. So I never went back to that cafe traumatized.

Kate Callaghan 3:10
The one place where I got my problem was this snow cone car? Yeah, yeah. So for those of you don’t know what a snow cone is, it’s basically like shaved ice with delicious flavored coffee or liquid stuff, artificially flavored artificially colored colored goodness. And they had it. So I’m from Tamworth, which is in the country in Australia, and where the Country Music capital of Australia. And so every year we have the Country Music Festival. And so I was working on this sniffing car to give everyone snow cones, but I got fired because I ate too much.

Outro 3:53
Well, today, we’re not actually talking about first jobs, we thought we’d do an episode, give you guys a bit of an insight into our goals or intentions or whatever you want to label them as for 2019. Because it feels like we’ve created a little podcast family with you guys that listen regularly. And it’s kind of just nice to share. You know where we’re at. And so you guys can realize there’s still many things that we have to work on or want to work on. And we’re not certainly not by any means perfect. And I just like sharing my intentions. I feel like when you put them out there as well, there’s more accountability to achieve them. So yeah, so Kate, we did this last year, actually. And we talked about our reflections on 2018 before we jumped into our goals or intentions for 2019. And then Kate, were having this discussion before we started the podcast that we haven’t really thought about how reflections of 2019 but we thought we thought we would wing it for you. So okay, any, any kind of takeaways from today 2018, or things that you are proud of that you achieved, or just lessons that you learned along the way from the past year.

Kate Callaghan 5:14
Again, it flew by but I think probably if I was to whittle it down to one thing, and I didn’t say to whittle it down, I’m going to be letting go of what people think of me and my actions, and and to stop being a people pleaser. And if it makes me happy. And if it’s improving my life and improving the lives of those around me, and it’s definitely not hurting anyone or harming anyone, then I need to go ahead with it and just not give a #### about what other people think, really, because there’s always going to be naysayers. And there’s always going to be people who, you know, you might have related to you’re in one way or another at one point in your life and had strong connections. But if you’re growing, going through this growth phase, which we should all be doing is constantly growing. My dad always said if you if you’re not growing, you’re dying. And you love like that.

Natalie K. Douglas 6:16
Yes, I like that era. My mom is a bit similar.

Kate Callaghan 6:19
Yeah. Okay, I guess. Yeah.

real fancy.

Thanks, Dad. Thanks for the pep talk. So I always will not always actually, in the past couple of years, I’ve just been really focused on personal development and growth. And this is and made some people a bit uneasy. And I think that’s not necessarily to do with what I’m doing. But what they’re not doing, if that makes sense.

Outro 6:52
Yeah, hundred percent. And it’s so true. And it’s, it’s, I’ve had similar experiences, because you do, I mean, when you start to go on this personal development journey, it’s really hard to stop. And it’s also very triggering for people around you, because you are actively changing, and you no longer fit, where they want you to fit. And whether that’s subconsciously or consciously, you know, I don’t know, but I feel feel the same. And I also think that even even in the context of like the nutrition world, and things that I believed wants to be true, or the way that I approached nutrition once is no longer the way I approach it. And sometimes that bothers people will they get triggered by that, because I’m someone that will I try really hard to be open to doing things differently when it when it comes to life generally, but also, in particular, I’m talking about terms of nutrition. And you know, I mean, once upon a time, I was advocating a pretty strict paleo diet for people. And now I no longer believe that that is what most people need in order to be healthy. And sometimes, you know, there’s stories that come up around when you change a belief that you previously had, like, all people are going to think that I’m a hypocrite or I don’t know what I’m talking about, or that I just jumped from thing to thing, like, they’re all stories that come up to me, but I think you like you kind of just touched on, you really just have to focus on not giving a #### and just doing what feels right for you. And knowing that you’re not causing any, any one any harm. And if anything, you’re helping people, and really remind yourself that people’s reactions have little to do with you and everything to do with them. And you can’t control how they react, you can only control how you react to their reaction, if that makes sense. I mean, that’s certainly something I’ve learned in the last, even just in the last couple of years, when I’ve really like you kind of like dived into this personal development, growth mindset, breaking down financial, like limiting financial beliefs and starting to talk about money, you know, like, in a way where I love money and like people automatically if they haven’t addressed their money story, and you would have the same terms of where you can share that. I don’t know if you had this in terms of people’s issues with dough, Tara or network marketing, like triggers people like nobody’s business, but I just think, like, but my opinion on on money generally, like, it’s just another form of energy. And, yes, people can do bad things with it, but they’re also a #### ton of people doing really #### amazing things with it. And I think that if you know that you want to do good with it, then the universe will send you the amount that you need in order to do that. And but only if you get out of your own way and stop, you know, telling yourself old money stories that stop you from fulfilling that you know, those intentions or goals that you have around it and not feeling like money’s a dirty word like it. To me like in business, it allows me to help more people more effectively and efficiently. Like, and that’s a really positive thing.

Kate Callaghan 10:26
Absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, on that birth thing, I remember I saw a post from Lisa messenger on Instagram yesterday, and I’m going to read it because it’s really cool. And so she said, I meant to say memo mean, me, me. Me. But we can fancy it up and call it a minute. I joked


I’m going to read the baby.

Okay, so it goes if you know me based on who I was a year ago, you don’t know me at all. My growth game is strong. Allow me to reintroduce myself. And then in the quote she says, I know there are a few of us that feel like this. be unafraid to evolve change. keep reinventing yourself. There is no need to live life according to others expectations. And you have permission to keep growing, changing and evolving every single day. Don’t let anyone hold you back or keep you small. You’ve got this let’s go 2019 growth game strong. Fist bump emoticon blue hat emoticon prayer hands emoticon keys, squeaky face and what a con. Wow, love it. What do you say? Let’s not worry about the details.

Natalie K. Douglas 11:47
emoji. I think I say emoji. I used to say emoticon. Actually, I used to say emotion when?

Kate Callaghan 11:54
But anyway, let’s not let’s not dive down that

Outro 11:56
Oh, so no, I really like that. And it’s so true. And I think also, what I’ve learned this past year is you really have to surround yourself with people who are, I don’t know, bringing out the best in you and also challenging you to grow and calling you out on your bullshit. And I really do think that you are a reflection of the five people that you spend the most time with. And it doesn’t mean that you have to cut out it like if you don’t want to, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to cut out certain people from your life if they’ve been in your life for a long time. And you still, you know, don’t mind catching up with them here and there. But really focus on Okay, who am I actually spending most of my time with, because I swear like, I it’s made the biggest difference to me in terms of like who I’ve chosen to spend my time with, particularly in the last six months when I’ve been making this transition from kind of doing part time work at a steady state job as well as my clinical practice, and jumping into clinical practice or even making moving towards making that decision. Like, I don’t think I would have been able to create the belief in myself and being able to make that jump if I wasn’t surrounded by people who believed that for me, and I think that, you know, they also people just, you know that the end of their energy is contagious as well. And you don’t want to spend I mean, I don’t want to spend time around people who are not interested in getting to know themselves better and growing and living out their potential because I feel like when they are trying to grow and live to their fullest potential, it inspires me to do the same and I just find life so much more fulfilling.

Kate Callaghan 13:52
Absolutely. I would not recommend to anyone who hasn’t listened to it or read it. Jensen Chiro wrote a book called you are freaking awesome.

Outro 14:03
Yes, I haven’t. I haven’t read that one. But I read her sit her next one, the Euro badass at making money. And that was also

Kate Callaghan 14:11
just escaping him to do?

Outro 14:14
Yes, I did. I tend to do that. And that person that like goes to sections in books, and just reads what they want to read first. But then I get frustrated because I’m like, I don’t know what I’ve read now.

Kate Callaghan 14:24
Anyone? First world problems. Move on. Yes, two goals, I feel me tell me I want to hear about your goals first.

Outro 14:32
Alright, so I have a really quite a large ambitious list. So I’m going to read a few of them. And by a few, I probably mean, I don’t know how many. But anyway, so I’ll start with kind of more my personal goals. So one of the big ones to me is to spend more time developing deep connections with like minded people, or the people in my life that similar to me, like I just kind of talked to the art and in particular, trying to cultivate more deeper female friendships, because I feel like I used to have a lot in high school, and even even going through university, but I kind of drifted away from those relationships since then, and have never really gone back. And I mean, I love men, but there’s something about female friendships that is just really empowering and nurturing that I feel like I want more of in my life. So that’s one thing in terms of like, other relationship wise, so I bone who’s my husband, we actually work in my business together. So he does a lot of a lot of the marketing sales strategy, like just the stuff that I just don’t like. And so working together, and also being in a relationship can sometimes have its challenges. Sorry, my intention for 2019 is still to continue to date my husband, so every week we have will organize a date for each other. And also try and create separations and separation and boundaries around, you know, work versus relationship time, because I think that can be really important. Otherwise, it just, I feel like it will be really difficult to maintain a good relationship. And then I think generally just being more social with my friends and my family, because I think in this past year, even in the past couple of years, I’ve really, I’ve shied away a lot from spending a lot of time with friends in person. And I guess because I’ve taken probably taken on too much and therefore being quite tired and not not able to invest my energy or not wanting to invest my energy in that. But I actually think that it’s something that needs to change for sure. Because you actually get so much energy from spending time with people in person connecting face to face. So that’s certainly a huge, a huge goal for me. So they’re kind of like my, some of my like relational kind of goals, in terms of like health goals and those kind of things. One of mine is to base my exercise purely on what my body tells me that I want to do. And for me, this is quite challenging, because I like structure. And I like just having like, you know, a weekly plan of this is when I do this, this is when I do that. And it just eliminates decision fatigue. But because I have such a strong mind open that it can also get me in trouble. Because I’ll just it’s easier for me to do the thing that I’ve said that I will do than it is to be like I don’t know, if I’m really feeling that today, and then deal with the not doing it. I’ve certainly and I mean, I have a long history of seriously over exercising so but I’ve definitely come a very, very long way. And I do not overextend whatsoever these days, but even more so just diving into this year of really like waking up moving my body a little bit feeling like you know, does it feel like a day where I do yoga, does it feel like a day where I do something more high intensity, does it feel like a day where I just go for a swim and just trying to really listen into that and and trust that my body knows best? More, even more than I have in the past couple of years. And then you certainly can, or you know, so I stopped. Okay, so I was for a period of time. Maybe at the beginning of last year, I was still doing it a few days a week, so maybe like three days a week. And that’s coming from doing it, you know, five to six days a week when I was more competitive in it and burnt out.

But then I kind of dropped back to three eyes. And the reason why it took me so long to let go of it was because when you let go of CrossFit, you’re letting go very much of a community and kind of a big friendship group as well. And that’s the hardest part like it, it because really, you can do high intensity exercise anyway, like you could do CrossFit style workouts on your own. But what I found it hard to walk away from was the environment because I am someone that loves feeling part of a community like that I also have a very competitive nature. And CrossFit is very much like that. So you know, admittedly, even though I knew better, it took me a while to really have the strength and the trust that my life would be fine. Without being involved or heavily involved in that community. Bone still goes to CrossFit. And so I still say a lot of those people, but I’m just don’t have anything to do with them on a real day today basis, but my body feels so much better for it. So these days, I go to yoga, anywhere from like four to six times a week, because the studio is very close. And I have more control of my time so I can make more classes. And then I will do one to two high intensity sessions a week depending on how my body feels, but they only go for like 20 minutes. And it’s usually primarily just bodyweight stuff. I don’t know if I’ll still be doing that in six months, or two months or a year, like I’m just open to change. I am someone that loves experimenting with different ways of eating different ways of moving my body. Because I’m just really curious about it. And I have the freedom to be able to do that. So I am lucky that you know, I have a lot of control over my time. So if I, you know want to change my schedule, it’s quite easy to if that makes sense.

Kate Callaghan 20:59
It does. For now, yes. Thanks, Kate.

Outro 21:19
I’m sorry. So okay, a couple of other ones before I flick it over to you. So I mean, I had a few other just relating to movement and stuff. But it’s more about things I like like getting back into body boarding, which I really enjoy. I’m going to start dance lessons because I freakin love dancing. But the bad at it, but I love it. So I’m just joking, meta, No, it doesn’t. it. That’s it. And then in terms of like, I’ll jump to business and education type goals. So I’m releasing my first thyroid rescue program. And my so that will be released towards the end of February. anyone listening that wants to find out more about it, if you go to my website and click on the tab that says community click on the thyroid rescue. And you can get on the waiting list for that. And there’s also a short video on my website that goes through the six steps that I use to heal people from thyroid issues that you can watch and as a little special offer at the end of that. So I’ll put that in the show notes. But just side note. Anyway, my aim is to help at least 200 women back to thyroid health by December 2019. And I’m also wanting to attend an educational event monthly. And that’s probably like my business education and personal goals. I mean, I have heaps of goals. So there’s like a whole bunch of other ones that I haven’t mentioned. But I feel like it’s your turn.

Kate Callaghan 22:56
Alright, so I’m doing this thing, sign up for this thing called beautiful life lab with a cheat code and Peters she is her Instagram handle is whole fit HLL fit. And, and so she’s got this whole being organizational course type thing. And it’s fantastic and have done a whole lot of clearing out of ####, like I got my inbox down to zero, cheesy, I don’t fit. Stop it. It’s quite crazy. It’s all very cleansing, not in the sense of juice, detox, story, and just cleansing all the crap and the chaos out of your life and just getting everything organized. And part of that is going through your goals and your intentions and what you want for the year and how you want to feel. And she got us to go through four realms. And so they are self care, relationships, personal development and career. And so I guess I should probably start with the self care. And one of my big things this year is to exercise daily. And I know there’s gonna be some people at the going. You do, don’t you? Because everyone I speak to about the amount of exercise that I actually have done in the past year like, Oh, really? I’m like, Yeah, yeah, I’m actually quite sedentary. To the point that some days I get to 10,000 steps on my pedometer. And some days I don’t, which is it’s not healthy. So I’ve gone from, you know, doing 16 classes a week in my habits of MK memory days, which is way too much. But now I swung back the other way to not doing much at all, for a few reasons. One, well, because I was healing from a memory of but now that I have a regular period, I can kind of set to reintroduce it. I guess part of me has also. And this might sound really weird, but be nervous about reintroducing high intensity exercise not necessary, and it’s going to come back to the people pleasing thing, not necessarily for my health, because I can keep an eye on that but being a trigger for others around me.

Outro 25:15
Totally. No, I had the same story. Make sense? Yep.

Kate Callaghan 25:19
I don’t want to trigger other people into thinking that they need to be doing more exercise if what they need to be doing right now is less exercise.

Outro 25:28
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it does. Yeah, completely. And, and I also like to just side track on that a little bit. I know that a lot of people with HJ listen to our podcast. And another thing for me, like when I was kind of going through the same thing and reestablishing exercise patterns, and I knew that over exercising was part of the reason why I became unwell. And so I had a lot of fear around me around exercising again, because I associated exercise with illness. And every time my heart rate would even get elevated, I’d freak out and be like, Oh my God, have I done too much for my body. And so I think that like that’s another thing that can be triggering, but interesting, isn’t it, like what stories we kind of create, and I can understand that coming up for you, especially when you are in a space where people are watching what you’re doing. And, you know, a lot of people model what they’re doing from people like us who are sharing like information on health and wellness and nutrition and movement, and all that kind of stuff. And and especially when you’re practicing in the space of healing hormones, I can understand why it would be like oh, like what, what will this mean for people around me?

Kate Callaghan 26:50
Yeah, yeah, so I thought I actually haven’t shared a little bit on my Instagram for that reason. But my goal this year is 30 minutes of exercise a day, which still isn’t a lot. It’s kind of what’s recommended for healthy living. And I bury that Ha. So I might do yoga, I might do or once a week I do a body class I teach body count and once a week actually go to a yoga class, so they’re an hour range. But then other days I’ll vary between yoga and interval training weights. And Aaron got me doing sprints Hill sprints. The other day, we got a shitload of hills to sprint around with it seemed like a good idea of time against our landscape is just Okay, yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Then a lot of time, it’s just some Hill sprints. And the next day I was kind of kissing him. Everything hurt when you do Hill sprints for five and a half years. Any. That was fun. So it’s good. I know that I enjoy getting my heart rate up and I enjoy getting a bit of sweat on it. I know it’s so important for our overall health and physical mental emotional health. move our bodies. So that’s that’s a big thing for me. Meditation 10 minutes a day, and hiring a clean Oh, my god, that was on my list too. Yeah, yeah. So I’ve been looking into what can I outsource or delegate? And, and what’s you know, making the most of my time I run my own business. So if I’m doing all of my cleaning and say, that takes me two hours, what could I have done? That could have earned me money in those two hours that I could pay? You know, someone $100 to do for me?

Outro 28:34
Yeah, exactly. And I think like, I don’t know about you, but I had a two stories come up around like, you know, you shouldn’t waste your money when you can actually physically do it yourself. Why would you pay someone else clean as a for rich people, you’re not rich yet. Like a lot of all these like little stories that come up. And like I said, like bone actually suggested it maybe even like a year ago. And I was like, That’s ridiculous. Like, oh, capable of cleaning the house is fine. But now, it’s so true. Because it’s not even the actual, I mean, it is that, you know, one to two hours it takes to clean the house. But then also like all of the bloody procrastination and thinking about energy wasted thinking about cleaning the house. Yeah. And so yeah, I totally agree. And I’m, I’m aiming to do the same thing. I actually found a lady locally that uses Tara essential oils in to claim and I’m like,

Kate Callaghan 29:29

Good. enforce it. Yeah. Yeah. And relationships, one of my things is spending 30 minutes of quality time with as daily as as my husband. And again, that might not seem like much to everyone, but we both run our businesses, he leaves the house at eight o’clock in the morning, he comes back maybe around two or three. And from that 330, that’s when we pick up we’re up from daycare. So from 330 to 730. That’s family time. It’s it’s locked down as family time we spend that quality time and present with each other, and my things doing it. But after that I work when the kids are in bed, and I used to work from like 730 to 930. And they go straight to bed, and we wouldn’t get any quality time. So now I’m switching off at nine we have 30 minutes of quality time together, which has been really awesome. And personal development wise. So again, ongoing personal development, we always need to engage in personal development, because if you’re not growing, you’re dying, quintuple dead.

And spending 30 minutes a day, it’s more than 30 minutes a day, chanting time, 30 minutes a day and personal development. And that could simply be listening to an audio book while I’m making the kids breakfast. hills wanting Not going to happen regularly. Maybe once a week, or once a fortnight. It’s very effective.

Outro 31:03
Very, very effective. Do you do i need i still pray. That’s all there are like I like because 10 feels like too much. But I feel like because the first two you’d be like on just warming out, then you know, to get to like four new black heroin like halfway now there’s only four to go. I’m always making negotiations in my head like that.

Kate Callaghan 31:25
I remember what it is just two items, I can do that easily. Go to the knife. What happened? See, so 30 minutes a day, I like to listen to audiobooks, audible. Just because I can listen to them on the go, I really am sitting down and reading stuff. As much as I would love to I will one day and same as you I want to do more attending educational nutrition conferences, and, and having more time to do research around nutrition, essential oils, and all of this kind of stuff. And Korea. So a big, big, big thing have been kind of foundational thing for me they see as with a lot of people It seems is connection. And I found that in 2018 I had more more connection with people all over the world, online. But it wasn’t a deep true connection in person. And really, really, really, really getting to know one another on that deeper level. So that was a big thing for me and something that I’ve been missing in my life. And so for the next four months, if you haven’t seen I’m traveling around New Zealand and Australia, Australia, East Coast as well, good and Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast next month

Natalie K. Douglas 32:52
to Sydney,

Kate Callaghan 32:53
that’ll be may Sydney’s May,

Natalie K. Douglas 32:55
I’m going to stalk you and hunt you down.

Kate Callaghan 33:00
So I’m going to it’s part of something that I’m doing with Tara to basically travel around and introduce essential oils into as many homes as I possibly can. And really help people with using these oils for their concerns. And the best way that I can do that it’s actually going to people and connecting with them and really seeing what they’re struggling with and helping them face to face and giving them a long, awkward hammock. So expect long love how long awkward hugs I’m sorry.

Natalie K. Douglas 33:34
That someone like and you can always feel when someone’s like not a hugger. And you’re like, Oh, it’s okay, just lean in,

Kate Callaghan 33:42
just lean into it. You’ll be fine. My other career thing is getting financially savvy. So I have, as you’ve probably seen in my social media, there has been very financially rewarding for me, which is awesome. And my financial seven is though, need some work. So I’m hiring a bookkeeper. And I’m going to have a regular meeting with my bookkeeper and I’m going to understand my finances and know where every dollar is going. every deal is coming. Yeah, you are.

Natalie K. Douglas 34:11
That’s awesome.

Kate Callaghan 34:13
Um, it’s important, because all my money stories, I just kind of ignored it. Yeah, totally. No, don’t look at that. Yeah,

Outro 34:19
yeah, I’m currently a kind of both both both. I mean, both knows way more than I do. But we’re kind of going through a similar process and getting everything in order. And normally, I mean, I’m like, I just ignore things when they’re not an issue. Whereas bonds bit more proactive. So I’m trying to like, be more patient and proactive and pay attention to the details, because it’s certainly not my natural personality to pay attention to or enjoy data. Trying to grow.

Kate Callaghan 34:54
Yeah, yeah. So they mine I think,

Outro 34:56
also, I love it. Now before we kind of move on any further when you’re doing these. So Tara, traveling around helping people with essential oils in their homes. If someone’s listening, and they’re like, I want to see you like, and they come and you’re coming to like how do people get involved in this basically?

Kate Callaghan 35:15
Yeah, I would love to catch up with anyone who wants to catch up with me and have a lot more at nada, haga, just give me a heads up. And I’ll just give you a wee brush on me.

Yes, sir, who still wants to meet up with KUE don’t like to be touch, just let me know. Anyway, they can send me an email. So my email is Kate at the holistic nutritionist.com. Or you can send me a direct message on any of the cycles. And so yes, I’m going to Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. In February, March, I’m going to Christchurch April, I think I’ll be going to Auckland in Chicago. In May I’ll be going to Sydney and potentially because mania while covering their mentor Benitez he but they really love that you can organize lots of your friends get together, then I will come to

Natalie K. Douglas 36:27
you, you will love it. It’s really beautiful. It’s kind of like I mean, it’s not similar, like some like they have really beautiful

Kate Callaghan 36:37
knit like,

Outro 36:38
actually, I got engaged at cradle man, when you go to Cradle Mountain, that’s really beautiful. Anyway, that’s a side note. Okay, cool. Well, everyone, if you would like a hug from Kate, and also know how to use essential oils, then do send her an email. And also, on that note, just in terms of my business and client intake and whatnot, I am still taking clients, new clients. I am consulting on those days, Fridays and Saturdays. And I’ve had a few questions lately about whether a couple of questions the first one has been? Do I consult with people outside of Australia? Yes, I have lots of New Zealand clients and some in the UK and a couple in the US. So yes, as long as you can speak English. Very good. And then the other question I have been getting is, do I help issues outside of authority shoes? And yes, I definitely do. Sorry, I’m

Kate Callaghan 37:45
still working on getting stuff in order. Or getting funding coming from my computer.

Outro 37:52
It only went a couple times anyway, yes. So please feel free to reach out my email address is not at Natalie, KW dot com. But there’s some information on my website as well, which is Natalie k Douglas calm. And the thyroid rescue program will be launching towards the end of February. And I’ll be sharing more information as that comes up. But as I mentioned earlier, you can kind of sign up to my newsletter to stay up to date with that just by going to my website. And we are going to endeavor to bring you more interviews this year with interesting people. And we also want to do a few more q&a podcast. So please keep sending us questions because we are keeping a running log of those questions. And they will be answered if you send them in. And we haven’t answered it previously. So just you know, you can direct message us on social media, you can email us whatever you want. We will pop them down and get your questions answered. Because it’s a really good way for you guys to get free and pretty targeted information. And don’t be shy to ask you a question. We never mentioned any names on the podcast so you don’t have to worry about being cold out or anything like that. We just want to help get you guys healthy for 2019 and beyond. Okay, anything to kind of add to that before we wrap up?

Kate Callaghan 39:16
No, I don’t think so. I’m still seeing a few nutrition clients. But you’re very very limited at the moment.

Outro 39:23
Oh, and safety will just contact you via email. Yeah. Awesome. Alright guys, well hopefully you enjoyed hearing an insight into our minds scary sometimes but fun place to be. We will speak to you guys again soon. Kate. Have a wonderful day. You too. Bye. Bye. Hi guys. It’s not here with a quick final word. To celebrate the start of 2019 and my business launch goal of assisting 100 women radically transform they fired healthy See, I have a release special offer that is exclusive to you lovely listeners until the end of Jan. Offering $50 off your initial consultation to help you start 2019 on the right foot. All you need to do is book online via Natalie k Douglas calm and enter the promo code THNP all uppercase case to claim your $50 off. You can also book your initial consult weeks in advance because I know many of you are still trying to get past the craziness of sending kids back to school, figuring out how to go back to adult eating or getting ready for another year of work or business. Feel free to share this offer with a friend or family member to and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Thanks for tuning in to The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast. Remember, we love to make the show relevant to you have any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss, just submit them to [email protected] and we’ll get them answered for you. Also, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast on iTunes and share it with a friend. And if you’re looking for more info about how we can accelerate your journey to optimal health you can find me, Nat, over at NatalieKDouglas.com and Kate at TheHolisticNutritionist.com. See you next time!


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Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid Healer

Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid Healer

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Kate Callaghan | The Holistic Nutritionist

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