#135 The Secrets to Healthy Ageing – with Damian Kristof

#135 The Secrets to Healthy Ageing - with Damian Kristof

The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast


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Anybody from say 15 through to 30, would have grown up in a period of time where junk food has been in abundance. Even 15 through to 50. Junk food has been in abundance. We look at the Centenarians now, junk food was never really an option, you just had home-cooked meals, a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, you had maybe a little biscuit with some icing on top and a cup of tea, and it's kind of what you did. But you did it with friends, you had lots of laughs. You sat around the dinner table and you had lots of conversations and you moved a lot in your lifestyle. Our sedentary pace and our sedentary lifestyle, and in lockdown right now, a lot of people are sedentary. The sedentary lifestyle is very ageing rather than anti-ageing. So you can have all of the kale smoothies and all of the green pressed juices that you like and all of the superfoods and the chia seeds and the smashed avocado that you like, but if you're sedentary, it doesn't really matter.



Natalie K. Douglas is the host of the leading Alternative Health podcast, The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast.

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Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas ("Nat") is a Holistic Dietitian and Nutritionist dedicated to Thyroid, gut and hormone healing.

Nat shows stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed women how to value their worth again, change their mindset habits, prioritize healing, and reclaim their vitality. Guaranteed.

Her clients say she’s the right girl to see if you’ve tried the conventional approach and nothing has worked.


Damian Kristof | Nutritionist, Naturopath & Chiropractor

Damian Kristof | Nutritionist, Naturopath & Chiropractor

Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chiropractor, Dr Damian Kristof is a highly sought after presenter and speaker in the Wellness industry.

Damian’s in-depth knowledge of the body, nervous system, food functions and responses coupled with his friendly and dynamic presenting style, has him in high demand.

Focusing on food as key to unlocking optimal health and wellness, Damian presents in-depth facts and concepts that have never before been readily available to the public - offering all audiences from industry experts to the general public highly valuable content as he engages, educates and inspires audiences across the globe.


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