#130 What's With Wheat & Knowing Where Your Food Comes From - with Cyndi O'Meara

The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast


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I knew about the chemicals being used (on wheat) but I didn't know about the particular chemical Glyphosate. Preceding and just before harvest, it would be sprayed on wheat as a desiccant or drying agent. So it makes harvest easier. That changed the whole documentary in the end because I felt that this was a really, really important thing to tell people... that the reason why maybe they're having problems with wheat is not the wheat, persay... there are some issues with the wheat, but it could also be what they're doing to our wheat, how they're harvesting it, what chemicals they're using, not only preceding the whole growing process, but also at harvest and then in the silo. And then the other thing was the processing of wheat as well. I also learned about the hybridisation of wheat in the 80's in the "Green Revolution". So I identified 14 things that could be happening with wheat, that may be causing all these gluten intolerances, non-celiac gluten sensitivities, an increase in celiac disease.




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Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas ("Nat") is a Holistic Dietitian and Nutritionist dedicated to Thyroid, gut and hormone healing.

Nat shows stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed women how to value their worth again, change their mindset habits, prioritize healing, and reclaim their vitality. Guaranteed.

Her clients say she’s the right girl to see if you’ve tried the conventional approach and nothing has worked.


Cyndi O'Meara | Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Film Maker & Founder of Changing Habits

Cyndi O'Meara | Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Film Maker & Founder of Changing Habits

Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Changing Habits, a whole food company that believes everything begins and ends with food and that health food should actually be just that - healthy.

Cyndi graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Deakin University in 1984 where her special interest was ancestral foods. At the end of her degree she was so disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines that she paved her own path, steering clear of the low-fat diets of the day.

Her groundbreaking 1998 book ‘Changing Habits Changing Lives’ became an instant bestseller and from there she has grown a successful whole food company, developed a range of healthy eating programs and a certified online nutrition course. In 2016 Cyndi released the acclaimed documentary ‘What’s With Wheat?’ which received 150,000 downloads globally in the first week.

Cyndi educates people so they are empowered to know better, eat better and live better - because educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion and everyone deserves to know exactly what they are eating.


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