#128 Meditation, Mindset & Meaning – with Janoah Van Kekem

#128 Meditation, Mindset & Meaning - with Janoah Van Kekem

The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast


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Meditation is like exercise. There are lots of different types. We all know we should exercise. It would be like going, I need to start exercising because I'm unhealthy. So you go to the gym and do a Crossfit session. And you're like, "I'm bad at Crossfit. It doesn't work for my body. I'm sore. It doesn't make sense to me"... and then walking away and going, "I'm never exercising again. I'm a bad exerciser." VS going, "Ok Crossfit isn't for me. Maybe I need to find something else. Maybe it's yoga. Maybe it's going for a run. Maybe it's finding a coach that can actually explain to me and teach me the best way to exercise for my body. And so similar to meditation... There are lots of different types of meditation out there. Exercise is for the body. Meditation is for the mind. And we all tend to get too caught up in the physical which is about nutrition and food and what you're eating, and then exercise. Now what do you think impacts how we metabolise food, our energy when we exercise and how to recover? Even our mindset and choices around food and motivation to go exercise? That's our brain and nervous system. That's what meditation is really focusing on. If you're interested in shifting how you operate, and helping your body and mind to be at its best, find a type that might work for you.



Natalie K. Douglas is the host of the leading Alternative Health podcast, The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast.

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Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas ("Nat") is a Holistic Dietitian and Nutritionist dedicated to Thyroid, gut and hormone healing.

Nat shows stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed women how to value their worth again, change their mindset habits, prioritize healing, and reclaim their vitality. Guaranteed.

Her clients say she’s the right girl to see if you’ve tried the conventional approach and nothing has worked.


Janoah Van Kekem | Meditation Teacher, Speaker & Mindset Facilitator

Janoah Van Kekem | Meditation Teacher, Speaker & Mindset Facilitator

Janoah: Throughout my life both at work and socially, I had never felt like I was operating at my fullest potential. I always felt I could be more productive, happier, creative and calm.

The turning point in me deciding to learn to meditate was when I realised that experiencing anxiety and negative thoughts weren’t things we just had to push through. I saw the science supporting meditation and the importance of looking after our brain and nervous systems, and figured out that not only do most of the high performers around the world meditate, but you can do it anywhere and still remain engaged in the world.

After experiencing the benefits both personally and in people around me I decided to learn to become a teacher. To do this I had over three years of daily practice under my belt and then undertook another 18 months of study delving into Vedic Philosophy, the Neuroscience of Stress Release and further daily advanced meditation.


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