#126 Is Your Thyroid Messing With Your Hormones + 3 Ways To Fix It

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Having an underactive thyroid can elevate another hormone called prolactin. When prolactin is elevated it can suppress ovulation. So that is problemo number 1. Problemo number 2 or a negative way which having underactive thyroid can impact your sex hormones or your hormonal balance or your period, fertility, etc, is that even if you don't have elevated prolactin, if you don't have enough thyroid hormone, your ovaries won't have enough energy to ovulate. And ovulation is the main event of your cycle. Yes that's correct. Not your period. Not your bleed. Ovulation. Ovulation is the only way we can produce progesterone.



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Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas ("Nat") is a Holistic Dietitian and Nutritionist dedicated to Thyroid, gut and hormone healing.

Nat shows stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed women how to value their worth again, change their mindset habits, prioritize healing, and reclaim their vitality. Guaranteed.

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