#107 Emotions and Dis-ease – with Jin Ong

#107 Emotions and Dis-ease - with Jin Ong

The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast


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We are constantly experiencing emotions, and they come into our body and they're felt as an sensation. And then they typically want to leave the body or be discharged. But it is occupying yourself, distracting yourself or getting busy with work, and other things that keeps that emotion stored in the body. So if you do experience something like death of a loved one, allow yourself time to grieve and actually tune into the body and see what it is you're feeling because a lot of people will numb it out because it is comfortable. And have the tears, have the anger and go through that process and get support to help you process this.



Natalie K. Douglas is the host of the leading Alternative Health podcast, The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast.

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Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas | Thyroid, Gut & Hormone Healer

Natalie K. Douglas ("Nat") is a Holistic Dietitian and Nutritionist dedicated to Thyroid, gut and hormone healing.

Nat shows stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed women how to value their worth again, change their mindset habits, prioritize healing, and reclaim their vitality. Guaranteed.

Her clients say she’s the right girl to see if you’ve tried the conventional approach and nothing has worked.


Jin Ong | Osteopath & Psychosomatic Therapist

Jin Ong | Osteopath & Psychosomatic Therapist

Jin Ong is an osteopath & psychosomatic therapist based in Wanaka New Zealand. She is the founder of the MetaMed clinics in Wanaka and Queenstown- holistic and integrative osteopathy and chiropractic clinics.

Jin is obsessed with the mind-body connection and how your physical body is a manifestation of your emotional state. She believes that many people can return to or remain in a state of health, wellness and fulfillment when they learn to become more aware and listen to their bodies.


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