#10 Setting New Year's Resolutions for Health & Wellness

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"New Year's Resolutions are a great way to set new goals and intentions, as long as you have realistic expectations and set yourself up for success. You should aim for small, achievable health and wellness New Year's Resolutions."

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In Episode 10 of The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast, Natalie Douglas and Kate Callaghan discuss setting realistic health goals and how to set New Year’s resolutions so you keep them!

  • Nat & Kate’s Updates
  • Our personal health and wellness New Year’s Resolutions. Many of which we think everyone can benefit from
  • Discussion about setting realistic health goals, with some great examples of how to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle
  • Updates on Kate’s Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Program and Nat’s E-book launch coming soon.

Natalie K. Douglas 0:02
Hello and welcome to the holistic nutritionist podcast. My name is Natalie Burke, holistic dietitian and nutritionist from health by Whole Foods calm today you and with me as always, I have Kate Callahan, the holistic nutritionist from the holistic nutritionist calm. How are you? k? Happy New Year. Thank you. It’s been a nice period off.

Kate Callaghan 0:26
It has been a Yeah, get a bum.

Natalie K. Douglas 0:28
Yes. Excellent. That’s what we want to hear. We need everyone needs to be a bum sometimes.

Kate Callaghan 0:36
Did you see my Instagram posts that I did? It was on a scale of one to 10. And my answer was banana.

Natalie K. Douglas 0:45
And probably so relevant.

Kate Callaghan 0:47
Oh, describe me exactly. That banana. That’s just yeah, that’s my level of focus right now.

Natalie K. Douglas 0:51
I’ve been really like, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking but not a lot of doing. And I kind of like every time I went to go on social media and do some posts or something on my car can be bothered. Just wait to like the new year. So I will I will really exist in the social media area very soon. Hopefully. I didn’t even take photos of like all my food that was nice that I was eating over the Christmas break. And I’m like, damn it that could have been useful. But I was just so hungry and excited about eating that I just didn’t

Kate Callaghan 1:29
i didn’t need that and I didn’t awesome food because I was in Sydney and I went to bond by Whole Foods. And it’s yummy food the but I do the head from Open Street. You know Open Street this movie. Yeah. Yeah. I had a green Lassie and that was really good. I took a photo of it.

Natalie K. Douglas 1:45
I look forward to seeing that. I am. Yeah, actually, the only negative thing that happened was I was body boarding down the coast with my boyfriend and I was we saw like two blue bottles on the beach and I’m terrified of blue balls. I’ve never instant before. But I was still like, Oh my gosh, 2 billion bottles on the whole beach. I don’t know if I can go in and then he was like, you know, you’ll be fine that and you know, there’s only two I’ll go at first I’ll have a look around and I was like okay, fine thinking that cost I’m so brave. Anyway, I went out there and there was not I didn’t see any the whole time was probably out there for about an hour. And then I decided to come in and caught a wave in and then put my board down on the sand and feeling really proud of myself that I was just also brave and didn’t get stung and I was like sucked in or you blue bottles and then I walked into wash my flippers off and I got stung.

Kate Callaghan 2:39
So I don’t know if you know that you know that blue bottles in the top 30 deadliest animals in Australia. I have

Natalie K. Douglas 2:45
allergic reaction to it, too. I had to take like anti histamines and put all this stuff on my leg. It was all like Welty, and icky and begun. Yeah, just think Australia,

Kate Callaghan 2:59
where everything

Natalie K. Douglas 3:00
we’re on last night there was a Huntsman in our cupboard and we’re up at midnight. Like, I don’t know why we’re up so late. That’s terrible. I’m never out that light. But anyway, and I went to just get something out of my club. And all of a sudden this Huntsman like the size of my head of a small head, but it’s still be frozen, was just there and we said we had to search through the whole cupboard. We pulled out all my clothes. And then after that, I was putting the clothes back because my boyfriend couldn’t find the Huntsman and it was in one of my jeans and like crawled on my arm. Oh,

Kate Callaghan 3:32
so for those of you don’t know what enhancement is, Kathy Mendoza, Jordan posted on a page that he had a Huntsman in a room. And some of us She must have had some American friends or something. Yeah. And so most people know that her husband is a spider. Man Google the Huntsman and it was one of the he was she’s like, I wouldn’t be disappointed about having him in. Yes, so it’s not a handsome it is not a hands with brother. It’s a massive spider.

Natalie K. Douglas 4:01
That’s correct.

Oh, well. Yeah, that’s a bit of a contrast. Yeah. Anyway, we will get started sorry, of your body just ranting. So today, what we’re actually going to talk about is new New Year’s resolutions. So we’re going to share a few of our kind of health and wellness, New Year’s resolutions. And we also want to give you a bit of an idea of what, how to set realistic resolutions. And maybe were a few ideas to start with. And going from there. Because I know it’s a time when everyone’s thinking about these kinds of things. And it can be quite overwhelming. And you want to set yourself up for success. You don’t want to set yourself up for you know, too many or too big goals too soon. It’s just about small, achievable things. So, Kate, I’d like to start with you. If you don’t mind. I wanted to hear about what your New Year’s resolutions are this year or just goals for 2017?

Kate Callaghan 4:54
Sure, I will tell you as I enjoy my loving it salted caramel chocolate. Excellent. Or just delightful. Okay, so my first one is actually what are we going to celebrate EPDB. And it might sound unrelated to health and wellness. But in a roundabout way, it really is related. So I watched this movie last night documentary called the true cost

Natalie K. Douglas 5:17
of it. Yes, I watched it.

Kate Callaghan 5:19
Yeah, it’s full on. So it’s all about the true cost of the fashion industry, and how it’s basically exploiting people by really exploiting people in Bangladesh and other third world nations in developing countries. And they’re working all these poor conditions, but it’s also about mass production of fashion, and the owning of cotton seeds by Monsanto and heavily sprayed crops and how much this is polluting the earth and harming our health. You know, they make a point that our skin is our largest organ. And yet, we don’t really care about using organic clothing, we just care about, you know, getting food and everything. Whereas these chemicals that we wear can definitely seep through our skin. And you know, I I try and buy organic for Olivia, but admittedly I don’t buy organic clothing for myself. Yeah. And also this mass production of this, this chemical Laden, Roundup Ready cotton is just yet it’s destroying the planet, it’s destroying the soil. And there’s cultures everywhere in these third world countries who are copying the brunt of all these chemicals from the cotton and also from the fashion industry. And it’s really, really causing them a lot of health issues like serious health issues, talking mental retardation, cancer, all sorts of horrible things. And so one of my resolutions this year, is to only buy what at the very least fair trade clothing and but preferably organic fair trade clothing. And really, I don’t need any more clothes. But I’m going to move away from that fast fashion, as they call it. So you know, h&m and all those stores, they have like, $5 t shirts, and you’re like, Oh, well, I’ll just buy it. Because it’s $5. I don’t really need it. Yeah, I can just throw it away. And that’s just, you got to think about what that $5 actually means at the other end. And it’s only $5 for you. But that might be mean only like 10 cents for someone else down the other end of the line. Because that’s where they have to cut costs. So that’s my first one.

Natalie K. Douglas 7:29
No, I really liked that. And it’s funny you said that because it’s been on my mind a fair bit lately. And I recently I started with buying bamboo, sheets, organic bamboo sheets, and my next kind of thing was okay, I’m going to when I next buy clothes, I will I’m going to look for organic kind of clothing, because I watched that documentary not that long ago to actually and it did. It was a big luck. Oh, wow. Because it’s not something I’m so guilty of the Oh, $5 that’s not much. I’ll just get that. That’s pretty. But you know, I’m saying because I’m I never really buy really expensive stuff. To be honest. I just buy a whole bunch of cheap stuff. Yep. Yeah.

Kate Callaghan 8:15
It made me feel sick watching it. Yeah. So I’m glad I did watch. It was very eye opening, and everyone should watch it. It’s called the true cost. And it goes for an hour and a half. And you can rent it for like $4 on iTunes.

Natalie K. Douglas 8:25
Yeah, it’s really good. Netflix, I’m not sure.

Kate Callaghan 8:29
I’m still getting into Netflix and trying to navigate my way around there. Yeah. All right, What’s the next one? My next one would be so my mom and his event. And she gets given all this stuff from drug companies. very ironic. You know, he bought all these extra drugs, you can have this anyway. Really great. But I’m sure you can turn this around. She bought a whole lot of drugs, and animals, not like illicit drugs. She’s a bit. And she got a bit just like I’m not going to use it. And usually I’m not into tracking those sorts of things. And I wouldn’t usually use something like a Fitbit. I’m not. As I said, I’m not obsessive about tracking things these days. I kind of just plot around. Yeah. But I’ve realized that I really do just plot around.

So I said, Yeah, I’ll

have it and you know, you can track you food into your calories you sleep and everything in there. But I’m really only using it to track my steps. Yeah, my one goal is just to do at least 10,000 steps a day, which is the general recommendation. And I will admit that there’s been some days in the past couple of weeks that I haven’t even got to 5000

Natalie K. Douglas 9:49
Okay, I need to do some star jumps on the spot or something.

Kate Callaghan 9:53
They were days that I was having three next two days. Nice.

Natalie K. Douglas 9:57
Kind of needed today. Today, I’m up to 10,000 Well, guys, welcome back to

Kate Callaghan 10:03
yet so for general health. I don’t want to lose weight. I don’t have any sort of aesthetic goal. I just want to be healthy and I want to move my body more and I think walking is really underrated.

Natalie K. Douglas 10:14
Yeah, I agree. I love okay. Actually, we’re on a three hour podcast today. But it was not intentional free hours. We got a bit we underestimated how far

Kate Callaghan 10:25
anyway, to not get lost in granola.

Natalie K. Douglas 10:27
No, it wasn’t economic in the National Park, we ended up in a nudist beach then there was like, like a bunch of nude old men walking around smoking pot. And we allow all this. So anyway,

so could just the experience has been naked old men. Anyone come to Australia?

Kate Callaghan 10:50

Natalie K. Douglas 10:52
Yeah, on the Fitbit thing, I think that’s great. Like, I mean, we don’t want to confuse people with messages of don’t track and blah, blah. It’s not about that. It’s more about your relationship with it. And as Kate said, She’s, she’s checking for health reasons and to just be mindful about how much she’s moving and how many steps she’s doing. Not from a obsessive Oh my god, like I’ve got 10 steps to left to go, I cannot go to sleep until they’re done or, you know, like

Kate Callaghan 11:20
to run around the law and you’re gonna have to warn your husband and your

Natalie K. Douglas 11:25
child. This is just mommy’s talking.

Kate Callaghan 11:31
No, you’re right. It’s not them say something. It’s just a, it’s actually I find it really motivating. Like the challenge

Natalie K. Douglas 11:37
and they are quite good looking for for a device, chunky thing to fight on. And all that chunky. Few people at yoga have them and I’m always like, Oh, that’s interesting.

Kate Callaghan 11:49
So thank you animal drug companies.

Natalie K. Douglas 11:51
Yeah, there is the use. Now, any other goals? Oh, one more, one more, one more,

Kate Callaghan 11:59
I would say to be more positive. Yeah. And less negative, which is something that I tell everyone to do to be grateful. And to always speak positively. But I find myself getting into that negative trap sometimes, especially if I feel a bit run down. Or if we had a bad night sleep with Olivia. Yeah, you know, just like, oh my god, the world’s ending. And really, it’s not I just had a bad night’s sleep. And really, I should be blessed that I even have a child that keeps me up at night. And so just turning these simple things around and being more positive, because when you more positive, then you be more attracted to more positivity and everything becomes unicorns and fairies.

Natalie K. Douglas 12:41
That’s it? No, I think that’s a really good goal. And I do I feel for you because I, I get the same sometimes like when it’s, it’s kind of like the times when you need to be the most positive is when it’s most challenging. Because it’s easy to be positive, when all things are going well. And in your favor. It’s much more difficult to be positive in you know, when you’re having a day where you’ve hardly slept. You know, you’ve got different stresses coming through work or relationships or, you know, children or anything like that. And still to keep that calm and positive mindset and knowing that this too shall pass. It’s it’s a challenge. But I honestly think that the more you practice that the easier it comes with that the easier that choice is to make each time I’ve noticed that in myself that the this year especially because I’ve been so focused on doing quite a lot of yoga and and with that comes a lot of messages of gratitude and positivity I found the more I’ve practice that the easier it’s been to implement. I’ve certainly had negative Nancy days don’t get me wrong, like many


and I’m a bit black and white sometimes or I have been in the past. So they’re quite extreme sometimes, but getting much better at that, too.

Kate Callaghan 13:58
So that’s, you know, Louise Hay? Yes, I do. So I have her little calendar and Louise Hay, you can do it, affirmations, 365 affirmations, and you get one for each day. And if they’re so good, I recommend them to anyone that’s like $17 on Amazon. Louise Hay calendar. affirmations don’t get it? Yeah.

Natalie K. Douglas 14:19
Awesome. All right, what are your turn, so I have quite a few. But I’m just going to pick three, just for time sake. So in no particular order, one of my goals is to be able to do a high intensity fitness class by the end of the year. And so for those of you who don’t, I’m not sure that I’ve actually spoken about it, at least not on the podcast. But I’ve been suffering adrenal fatigue for quite a while. And I am definitely on the way up and give it put a lot of hard effort into relaxing, as much as that sounds like a contradiction. It’s definitely not. And my goal, like I come from a background of doing a lot of high intensity exercise exercise in particular, I used to do quite a lot of CrossFit. And I did I will I do really enjoy that type of exercise. But because I abused it and did it way too much. I ended up Yeah, in a bit of a tough situation with adrenal fatigue. But of course, that wasn’t the only thing that got me there, it was just to be contributor. And my goal is that I’d really love to be able to go into a class and do just, you know, one or two high intensity type classes a week and come away feeling still energized and not needing to recover for a number of days. So that’s kind of my goal. And there’s a lot of little steps along the way. And the reason why it’s such a long goal, as in, you know, I’m not aiming to do that until towards the end of the is because it just takes that long time, that long sometimes to heal everything. Sorry. That’s one goal.

Kate Callaghan 16:02
That is smart. views that

Natalie K. Douglas 16:04
smart. Thank you. Yes, simple,

Kate Callaghan 16:06
simple, measurable, achievable. realistic, I think it’s quite realistic, and you have timed it, build on it. Thank you, I am extremely smart.

Natalie K. Douglas 16:16
The next one is to actually do yoga challenges at through my local yoga studio. Now, when I say yoga challenges, it’s like a 40 day challenge, but and they run them, you know, probably about for three or four a year, and they go for about 40 days.

Try to put it into weight. Wow.

Kate Callaghan 16:47
You were saying you’re smart.

Kidding kidding. She’s very snappy,

Natalie K. Douglas 16:52
I cannot get through a podcaster

incredibly embarrassing. Anyway, I knew that was 40 days, I was trying put in two weeks. Not even going to do that. So 40 days. And the reason why I do that is because there’s a big component in there around daily meditation around gratitude. And also just around kind of getting, getting to know yourself a bit better and developing strategies to be a more positive, happy accepting person. So I find them very beneficial. So my aim is to do those each time they come up. And I guess that kind of ties in Kate like similar to your goal of just being more positive. And I guess that’s just my tool. To help me along the way I find it quite motivating to be in that kind of group situation with like minded people and also to be kept accountable for doing things like meditating and journaling.

Kate Callaghan 17:51
I’m so jealous. That’s an awesome goal. I wish I could do that. Yes, with with a small child is not realistic to to get to grow every day. But you’re right, that consistency, you do really notice a huge difference with yoga, not only in your practice, but in your mindset in everyday life, I have always found in my posture, I would notice as well as my confidence in general, if I was consistent with my yoga every single day, just everything in my life improved exponentially.

Natalie K. Douglas 18:19
Yeah, I agree. And like I get there probably, I would say four to five days a week. But it’s that’s what’s achievable for me given my schedule and stuff. But yeah, definitely the days I go makes a huge difference. And then my last goal is actually just to try and maintain balance this year and see it more as a marathon as opposed to a sprint. So last year was quite a turbulent youth, to me, just with a lot of stuff going on in every area of my life in terms of business, starting a new part time job. A few things going on in my family life that were upsetting a few things going on personally with my health. And I think this year is my year to just have a bit more of a gray attitude as opposed to a black and white or nothing type attitude, I really want to make sure that I set achievable goals for myself each week and each month. And so that every part of my day, or every part of my week isn’t filled with work. And there’s also a lot of time to apply. So I want to make sure which I achieved most of most of last year, but I really want to be conscious about spending one day a week in nature. So whether that is going for a hike, or I quite enjoy body boarding or being in the surf. So doing that, or just connecting some way outside away from, you know, the usual distractions of computers and emails and social media and all that kind of stuff. So that’s a that’s a goal for myself that I’m going to talk too. So

Kate Callaghan 20:01
that’s a goal everyone should take on.

Natalie K. Douglas 20:03
Yeah, it’s it’s a good one. Sorry. And

Kate Callaghan 20:05
it’s a simple one. Yeah, yeah.

Definitely. Hmm. connect with nature in some way. And you’re going to benefit from it. biophilia, the healing power of nature,

Natalie K. Douglas 20:16
I love it. Just don’t get stung by blue bottles.

Kate Callaghan 20:19
Don’t get stuck. Don’t stay away from Australia.

New Zealand.

In Australia, everything can kill you in New Zealand, nothing can kill you.

Natalie K. Douglas 20:30
I don’t know about that. When you’re angry,

checking humans.

Kate Callaghan 20:36
And mistakes can kill you. If you fall off a mountain, obviously, I’m sure yes, few few others over there. There are no deadly animals here. I wasn’t sharks. You don’t go swimming in the ocean anyway.

Natalie K. Douglas 20:52
Alright, so I guess hopefully, that’s given you guys a few ideas for yourself. But I thought maybe Kate, we would out a few ideas for people who maybe they’re not as far down. I guess the health world is maybe we are because we’ve just been in it for a long time. And we’re also actively working in it. So maybe a few different goals for people who, you know, relatively new to, I guess the whole health world, maybe not completely new, but just have just started discovering it. Or maybe they’ve just fallen off the bandwagon to be and need to get back on track. What would you what are three suggestions you would make for for those kind of people three, goals?

Kate Callaghan 21:37

Natalie K. Douglas 21:38
right, or even just one and then

Kate Callaghan 21:42
let’s see how this rolls. Let’s go one for one. Okay. And my first suggestion would be to focus on what you can add rather than what you can take away. So a lot of the times, we might get to the new year and go, I’m never going to do this again. Or I’m never going to eat this again, or drink this again. And like give ourselves these absolutes and kind of set this get probation mindset and kind of take away this thing that we’ve loved. So for so long, like no, no, that’s bad for me. I’m never going to have it again. It’s great if you want to take that bad thing out. But I would say first focus on what you can add. So can you maybe add some more vegetables to your plate? Can you maybe add more variety of vegetables to your plate? Can you add more water? Can you add a little bit of fermented foods, just these small things that you can add in, it’s going to give you it’s going to empower you a little bit more and make you feel a bit more positive about your health changes rather than just taking things out. Because then you end up going I’ve given up so much for my health, and you just end up being a bit grumpy. Yeah, sometimes.

Natalie K. Douglas 22:48
And that feeling? Yeah, I agree. I and that’s what I advise a lot of people if they’re coming from a place of maybe even just eating a standard Australian diet or standard American diet or standard, wherever in the well diet, that’s not, you know, you get what I mean. And I think the idea of crowding out the bad stuff is is really good. Because as you said, it does set up a bit more of a mentality of I am adding more in as opposed to taking it away. And it’s it is really helpful. And I’d also add on that that to just do small changes over time. Like, look, I know, a lot of people work differently. So I actually find some people really work well off or do better off dramatic changes. But then there are a whole bunch of other people that do much better off small, you know, small, frequent changes made over time. So really be honest with yourself and know yourself and know which type of person you are. And neither one is better than the other. It’s just how do you how, how does it work best for you and in your body and in your mind to be able to get to that in place? Because that’s what’s important making it sustainable. Yeah, definitely. And then my, I guess my challenge, or my goal for someone would be to focus on improving sleep, because I just think that there’s so much to be gained from having a good consistent night’s sleep. And of course, there are going to be times when things come up, like children waking up in the middle of the night. But if you can, or when you can, getting into bed before 10pm. And having a good solid sleep and really starting to be mindful about sleep hygiene. So things like not not you know, looking at screens and I guess stimulating materials before bed like watching a TV show that you know really high intensity or having even having really in depth emotional conversations with friends or partners or children at that time, because it’s quite stirring and it takes a while to settle down from making sure your room is cool and dark. I think those are all strategies that are quite easy to implement. And something that if you do that consistently, you will notice a huge difference in just your energy and your motivation and everything because sleep is just so important to every aspect of your life.

Sleep is king, it is king and have another suggestion. Good. Let’s make

that the last one because we’re coming up to time. Okay.

Kate Callaghan 25:35
My suggestion would be to eat some liver, eat some liver.

Natalie K. Douglas 25:41
And what type of liver would you suggest

Kate Callaghan 25:43
what I would suggest an organic chicken liver or duck liver I would start with because it’s the most palatable generally. And I’m ratted on about it so much. And on my blog as well. The leaf is such a potent super food, like just 50 grams of a day will give you 50% of all of your recommended dietary intake for all of your vitamins and minerals. It’s crazy, crazy intense in terms of vitamins and minerals. And, and if it’s turning you off, go live. I just think Patty has

Natalie K. Douglas 26:14
day. Everybody loves Patty, Emma,

Kate Callaghan 26:24
Pat’s a homemade, preferably, and there’s a good recipe for it in my book.

And And if that’s not your cup of tea, and you’re like, no, that’s no, just know, you could, this might sound more gross, but it’s actually less gross, because you weren’t taste it is freeze, chop up some fresh liver, organic, freeze it for 14 days. So you need to chop it off, chop it up into tiny pieces, like kill sized pieces, freeze it for 14 days. And then you can pop little pieces each day like pills. Yeah, get that goodness straight into,

Natalie K. Douglas 26:57
that’s a great idea. I think I will take on that challenge to I went through a phase of eating, like eating it regularly. And then I just got a bit a bit lazy. So that’s a really good one to add in. I think, you know, it’s very achievable. It’s like whether you like it, or you don’t like the taste, there’s two options. So just do it. Yeah, just do it. And I’m sure there’s a video of you somewhere making a liver shot.

Kate Callaghan 27:24
And the role of a smoothie shop.

Natalie K. Douglas 27:26
Yeah, someone can you can hunt that down to and watch Kate, do a thing with the liver shot

Kate Callaghan 27:32
wasn’t bad.

Maybe I think them

Natalie K. Douglas 27:35
there you go. I think that’s a really great idea. So I guess the the point of what we’re trying to say is to not freak out when it comes to a new new year and think you have to fix everything by the end of January, making, like picking the lowest hanging fruit for you as an individual. And if you’re not sure what that is, in terms of you’re not sure what the thing that is going to make the biggest difference to your health and how you feel, then book a consultation with, you know, a practitioner that you trust, and would you know, you respect their opinion, and get them to help you figure out, okay, what’s going to be the biggest change you can make for your health and start there. Because I know, most people find that once you start to feel an effect from a change that you’ve made, it’s motivating to keep making more changes, because you’ve got that, you know, positive reinforcement ago, hey, I’ve done this. And now I want to change something else. Because you know, if I felt this good making this change, how much better Can I feel. So I think really setting them out realistically, and making sure you don’t ignore things like sleep and stress and movement getting, I think getting those steps in every day is an awesome start. So hopefully, that’s left you with some ideas. And if you want to share your goals with us, we would love you to so either send us an email, comment below the Instagram post when the podcast goes up or the Facebook post, because we’d really love to hear what everyone else’s goals for 2017. And if we can support you in any way, because we are both on a mission to make everybody we come into contact with is healthy and as happy as they can be. And if we can help in any way we would love to do that.

Kate Callaghan 29:32
Absolutely quick addition, if you’re thinking about doing a detox quote, unquote, detox, go back and listen to a detox podcast. Yes,

Natalie K. Douglas 29:39
do it. Awesome. So, Kate, anything you want to add? before we sign up anything you’ve got happening at the moment,

Kate Callaghan 29:49
I am launching another round of my healing hypothalamic a memory equals in February. So I’m going to start putting out info about that very soon. And then we will open the cart and last week of January last time it’s sold out in a few days. So if you want to do it, do not wait until the last day because that will be too late. Excellent. That’s awesome. I’m excited to see all of the results from the next round of beautiful women that take on that that course and

Natalie K. Douglas 30:18
I my book is having a bit of trouble getting up on its own feet on the website, but it is coming. So I’ll let you guys know when that’s out. So that’s on healing, digestive discomfort. So it’s basically like a roadmap to figuring out what’s wrong and where to go in terms of treatment and fixing those kind of issues. And I’m also looking at developing a couple of programs DC so I don’t I’m not going to give out too much more information at the moment. But I will keep you guys updated as that kind of develops and becomes available. So that’s pretty much all from us today. If you like the podcast, please leave us a review on iTunes, or comment on the Instagram if you have any topics or any suggestions for us to I guess implement on the podcast and please do let us know as well. Okay, I hope you have a lovely afternoon or yes afternoon and I’ll speak to you soon.

Kate Callaghan 31:23
Thanks, you too. Bye bye.


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Natalie K. Douglas shows women with Thyroid problems how to heal themselves in less than 30 minutes a day. Guaranteed.

Over the past decade, she's helped treat over 10,000 Australian women, trained more than 5,000 health practitioners.

Her clients say she’s the right girl to see if you’ve tried the conventional approach and nothing has worked.

Kate Callaghan | The Holistic Nutritionist

Kate Callaghan | The Holistic Nutritionist

Kate Callaghan is a Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach who specializes in women's hormone healing.

She recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” diet or “magic bullet” which is going to cure all illnesses.

She focuses on having a thorough understanding of your personal goals, needs, likes/dislikes, support networks and lifestyle in order to create a food and lifestyle approach that suits YOU.


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